Grateful Dead*Ready Or Not



Lazy River Road 6:54
Samba In The Rain 6:44
So Many Roads 7:33
Way To Go Home6:02
Easy Answers7:00
Days Between13:25

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    Cover of Ready Or Not, 2019-11-22, CDReady Or Not
    CD, HDCD, Album, Digipak
    Rhino Records (2) – 0603497851287, Dead.Net – 0603497851287UK & Europe2019UK & Europe2019
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    Cover of Ready Or Not, 2019-11-22, VinylReady Or Not
    2×LP, Limited Edition, 180g
    Rhino Records (2) – R1 596008, Dead.Net – 0603497851270US2019US2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Ready Or Not , 2019-11-22, VinylReady Or Not
    LP, Red Opaque, 180g; LP, Blue Opaque, 180g; All Media, Album, Limited Edition
    Rhino Records (2) – RCV1 596008, Dead.Net – 0603497851270USA & Canada2019USA & Canada2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Ready Or Not , 2019-11-22, VinylReady Or Not
    2×LP, Limited Edition, Yellow Opaque, 180g
    Rhino Records (2) – RCV1 596008, Dead.Net – 0603497851270USA & Canada2019USA & Canada2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Ready Or Not, 2019-11-22, FileReady Or Not
    9×File, FLAC, Album, 24bit/48kHz
    Rhino Records (2) – noneEurope2019Europe2019
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    Cover of Ready Or Not, 2019-11-22, CDReady Or Not
    CD, HDCD, Album, Digipak
    Rhino Records (2) – R2 596008, Dead.Net – R2 596008US2019US2019
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    Cover of Ready Or Not, 2019, CDReady Or Not
    CD, HDCD, Album, Jewel Case
    Rhino Records (2) – 0603497851287, Dead.Net – 060349785128720192019
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    • nototim's avatar
      This is actually a nicely curated and good sounding set of this material. I was always a big fan of the Garcia tunes and Eternity. The rest range from meh to awful for me, but still very nice to have some of the "new" tunes in one collection. A couple of Phil Lesh tunes weren't picked for this collection but I'm guessing most of us won't miss them. Won't change any minds if you hated these tunes and era of the band, but tastefully mastered pressing and worthwhile for any of those that found some enjoyment in any of these tunes.
      • ecarman's avatar
        I was excited when I brought my copy home and dropped the needle. A new live dead release on vinyl that isn't going to put me out $200. And there were so many good tunes on the track list. And even with the others (Samba in the Rain, for example) which are, to put it gently, acquired tastes,I was hoping I would find a gem that would convince me. But not only was the sound not great, the performances felt dialed in, obvious and kinda lifeless. I've definitely heard much better versions of most of these songs. That includes So Many Roads, Lazy River Road, Days Between and Liberty. Days Between is hands-down my favorite Dead tune to have its debut in the 90's. I've heard fantastic versions, but none on vinyl. I was all ready to get deep into it, but was floored by how it just seemed to limp along, without any of the power or depth I've heard in other performances.

        You can find stellar, or at least way more lively and listenable versions of each of these tunes fairly easily these days, even if they are not on an official release--which most of them are.

        Good for the completist who already has every other official live release available on vinyl. Everyone else, might want to take a pass on this one. Maybe try the download first.
        • roopn's avatar
          I like the art. the skull is winking at us. here's the music, ready or not
          • justinsvinylparty's avatar
            One of my most played records. Sounds great, looks good, awesome packaging with some cool photos and liner notes!!! Cover art is neat as well!!! The music here is an underrated and fascinating period of the Dead’s live lineage — I see so much criticism of this era, but it’s unabashedly them, and I hope it will be reevaluated positively over time. The songs are excellently idiosyncratic, mysterious and beautiful, as well as sad and fun, sometimes all at once. I particularly dig “Liberty”, “Eternity”, “Lazy River Road”, “So Many Roads”, “Corrina”, and “Days Between”. Those songs feel like timeless jams they could’ve taken far into their future — but alas, fate had different plans. Anyway, I love this release. Give it a few spins, you may begin to find it holds many gems. Their playing may not be as fiery or tight as it once was, but weren’t hazy, trippy vibes kinda always part of the deal with the Dead? I’d certainly say so.
            • bfly's avatar
              Edited 2 years ago
              Worst Grateful Dead cover art ever, although some of the Dave's Picks are pretty bad. Most of these songs, if not all, are snoozers. Too bad they didn't include Man Smart, Woman Smarter or Iko, Iko or, a Spanish Jam, or, I don't know, something that isn't lame. PASS. I say this as a long time fan and collector. Some of my favorite, best sounding, most memorable concerts were Dead shows. That said, on occasion, they had bad nights.... I'm looking at you Tacoma Dome 1988. So it goes.
              • dharbon's avatar
                Pressing is fine. Music is horrible. No harmonies, no effort put in by the band in the later years. Purchased for So Many Roads bit even that is almost unlistenable. Phil’s bass licks are pretty on point but Bob and Jerry sound like garbage. One spin and back to the rack for this garbage!
                • Olden_Gray's avatar
                  So Many Roads is excellent. Still can’t get into Vince and this was the only iteration of the band (including with Hornsby) that I ever saw, so you might think he’d get a benefit of the doubt from a real Deadhead, but I digress. Corrina goes on a bit too long IMO, but Liberty is strong. Flat discs. Nice to have a quality pressing, LE, of never-officially-released late career Grateful Dead originals. Excellent sonics. Clean.
                  • rarekeep's avatar
                    This "jewel case" version could be an unofficial release. I got one on eBay and it does not even play.
                    • inkfingers's avatar
                      Amateurish, embarrassing cover art. Why would anyone release something that looks like this?!?!
                      • SidCarrot's avatar
                        Wow, that album cover is terrible. (4 more words required).

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