Ian O'BrienA History Of Things To Come

Ian O'Brien - A History Of Things To Come album cover


Lucia Pt. One4:13
A Midwestern Night's Dream4:25
Lucia Pt. Two8:34
Vista Beleza5:07
Theme From Apollo2:55
A Little Of The Bandit's Soul1:48
Teentown Beats4:22


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    Cover of A History Of Things To Come, 2001, CDA History Of Things To Come
    CD, Album
    Peacefrog Records – PFG 009 CDUK2001UK2001
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    Cover of A History Of Things To Come, 2001, VinylA History Of Things To Come
    2×LP, Album
    Peacefrog Records – PFG009LP, Peacefrog Records – PFG 009 LPUK2001UK2001
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    • franz__waxman's avatar
      Edited 4 years ago
      Beautiful. Sounds like an early George Duke album with post modern colour and vibration. It reminds me of the amazing Planetary Folklore album by As One on Mo'Wax.
      • scoundrel's avatar
        Edited 16 years ago
        Ian O’Brien’s third album, A HISTORY OF THINGS TO COME, marks somewhat of a change in direction for him. Whereas his first two albums were lush in their instrumentation and sound, A HISTORY… is much more spare, and ambient at times (like on the delicate “Vista Beleza”). The tracks here are also more freeform: where “Lucia (Pt. 1)” is almost all sound, “Spirits” is almost all African rhythms, which reappear on “Yemura.” But the Pat Methany cover, “A Midwestern Night’s Dream,” recaptures the emotional power while still remaining stripped-down, and “Zed” has a subdued funk that shows that he hasn’t lost his touch. “Teentown” and its propulsive brother, “Teentown Beats,” stick out as a more in-your-face track, almost at odds with the rest of the album, especially given how “Theme from Apollo,” which follows directly, is beatless. As is “Vagalume,” the rich, sweeping final track, which reminds us the gorgeous heights to which O’Brien can take us. So while this album is undoubtedly full of beauty, it’s a little more uneven than what O’Brien can normally deliver.
        • ongo's avatar
          I often feel this record never got the recognition it deserved it's a record that would sit in record stores for months
          This album is a musicians album and not a DJ's album
          Its basically a Jazz Fusion album but done with lots of taste by mr O'Brian
          If you like jazz fusion and Electronica this is a great cross between the two

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