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Mad Mike Disease5:52
The Man From Del Monte (A Fantasy Theme)7:10
Dark Eye Tango9:52
Video Games & Data Movements7:20
Granpa's Drawers8:21
Desert Scores & Fusion Daddies9:09

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9 versions
Cover of Desert Scores, 1996, VinylDesert Scores
2×LP, Album
Ferox Records – FER-LP3UK1996UK1996
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Cover of Desert Scores, 1996, CDDesert Scores
CD, Album
Ferox Records – FER-CD3UK1996UK1996
Desert Scores
2×LP, Album, Promo
Ferox Records – FER-LP3UK1996UK1996
New Submission
Cover of Desert Scores, 2002, VinylDesert Scores
2×LP, Album, Reissue
Keep Diggin' Recordings – KEEPLP003UK2002UK2002
Recently Edited
Cover of Desert Scores, 2002, CDDesert Scores
CD, Album, Reissue
Keep Diggin' Recordings – KEEPCD003UK2002UK2002
Cover of Desert Scores, 2002, CDrDesert Scores
CDr, Album, Promo, Reissue
Keep Diggin' Recordings – KEEPCD/LP003UK2002UK2002
New Submission
Cover of Desert Scores + 1, 2009-09-23, CDDesert Scores + 1
CD, Album, Remastered
Octave Lab – OTLCD1244Japan2009Japan2009
New Submission
Cover of Desert Scores, 2015-06-17, CDDesert Scores
CD, Album, Reissue
P-Vine Records – PCD-93918Japan2015Japan2015
Cover of Desert Scores + 1, 2015, CDDesert Scores + 1
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Octave Lab – NPCC-1121, Octave Lab – OTLCD1244Japan2015Japan2015
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ilt17's avatar
For those wondering, 'Dayride' nicely samples 'Celebration Suite (Part 1)' on No Mystery by [Invalid Artist] in 1975.
hanksiedonny's avatar
A great bit of listening, Mad Mike Disease is excellent. However my favourite is Grandpa's Drawers, sounds very similar to some of the stuff produced by Justin David. Buy on sight.
stringz23's avatar
Dark Eye Tango has the power to make me cry tears of joy, happiness, pain, heartache and loss all at once
mgwood's avatar
Up there with my favourite albums ever across all genres, unique sound with beautiful mixture of electronics, jazz, breakbeats.
TECK_1347's avatar
fabulous techno album!!!
ultrasound's avatar
Edited 14 years ago
This is some of the most unpretentious, understated and sincere music I have heard. Unfortunately this particular edition of the LP suffers from what you might call 'overly modest' mastering and/or pressing. I'd still highly recommend it - only be warned: you will need to turn the volume up pretty far!
The_Unrest_Cure's avatar
Edited 14 years ago
A diverse recording spanning Detroit techno, ambient house, and touches of fusion, rooted in a strong dance ethos. The highlight must be "Mad Mike Disease" in all its warped and twisty funk, although "Homeless", with lush strings and some fantastic counterpoint (echoes of Jan Hammer/Miami Vice!) challenges. Unanticipated flourishes abound - Latin brass even pops up. Easily on par with the best that UR and Carl Craig made, and an album that demands repeated listening.
scoundrel's avatar
Edited 16 years ago
DESERT SCORES has classic written all over it, and with good reason. From the opening track, the Detroit-fueled "Mad Mike Disease," there's a melodic and rhythmic propulsion that's impossible to ignore. The electro-funk-jazz of "Homeless" shows a complex understanding of the interaction of melody and syncopation. But the undoubted highlight of the album is the epic and beautifully askew "Dayride," which works with dynamics the way others can only dream of. "Monkey Jazz" takes on a Spanish flair, replete with horns, but if you're in the mood for more straight-up techno, "Granpa's Drawers" will get you moving in no time. "Eurydice," rather than being a journey to hell, takes you straight to heaven. This album is nothing but excellence from start to finish.
phuriphonics's avatar
Mad Mikes Disease is a suitable homage to the founding father of UR. Jazzy but not noodling, uplifting but not cheesy. This album is a must have for any collector of techno worth their salt.
Agosto's avatar
I was completely amazed by the fact that this had been one of his earliest endeavours into the realm of electronic dance music. It is superb. I would highly recommend this album to anyone to anyone who is looking to turn new people on to this music. Desert Scores is really what it's all about. I only ever owned the re-release and found myself playing "Mad Mike Disease" (an homage to the great one) every time I touched my turntables. It's that good.