Sagittarius A (Right Ascension)5:15
Pleasure Discipline5:57
Growth Cycle5:52
The Approach3:27
Nylon Mood6:26
Alphabet City5:43
Don't Ask, Don't Tell5:43
No Entiendes6:10
Golden Dawn6:43
Inter-dimensional Interferenc7:14
Distant Paradise5:58
Downtown 16111:38

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    Cover of Existenz, 2019-11-27, VinylExistenz
    3×12", 33 ⅓ RPM; 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided, Etched; All Media, Album
    Tresor – TRESOR.315Germany2019Germany2019
    Cover of Existenz, 2019-11-27, CDExistenz
    2×CD, Album
    Tresor – Tresor.315Germany2019Germany2019
    Cover of Existenz, 2019-12-06, FileExistenz
    17×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Tresor – TRESOR315Germany2019Germany2019
    Cover of Existenz, 2019-11-29, FileExistenz
    17×File, ALAC, Album
    Tresor – TRESOR315Germany2019Germany2019
    Cover of Existenz, 2019-12-06, FileExistenz
    17×File, AIFF, Album, 24-bit 44.1 kHz
    Tresor Records – none20192019
    New Submission
    Cover of Existenz, 2019-11-29, FileExistenz
    17×File, FLAC, Album
    Tresor – TRESOR315Germany2019Germany2019



    • kraff's avatar
      m-a-s-t-e-r-p-i-e-c-e - future thinking electronic music. an incredible journey. tip!
      • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
        First time listening to this felt a lot like listening to Photek's Solaris (2000) album. I was expecting one thing but got another, and ultimately far more. With Photek I was expecting another drum'n'bass masterpiece and was instead shocked by the quality of Parke's house productions. Glamourama still being one of my favorite dance tracks ever. Super hot.

        Fast forward nearly two decades to Function's Existenz (2019) masterpiece. Not just a collection of functional techno club bangers, this work truly earns its label of 'album', with an impeccable flow and a dexterity in style that few Techno-with-a-capital-'T' producers ever attempt, let alone master. Sumner's deft ability to balance house, electro, and Detroit-inspired techno with cyberpunk dreamscapes is nothing short of astonishing.

        Incidentally both albums feature Robert Owens on two tracks.
        How serendipitous.
        • delirium303's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          This is a review just for the artwork so far.
          Beautiful artwork with images look like photographed from a screen. You can do this in a bad way or in a creative way supporting the sound of the release. This is done here. When opening the digipack you are softly impressed by the colors of beautiful, easy moments: high heels, a face of a beautiful girl, a colorful texture in the middle. Additional there is a foldout poster with the nice image of the slightly opened mouth of a sexy girl. Great job of the person behind the artwork!
          I love it.

          Not surprising: its a release from the legendary Tresor label ;)
          • BethLouisNeon's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            At first it sounded to me like a compilation of great classic cuts. My brain could not conceive of the audacity it would take to master so many sub-genres. Nothing in the back catalogue prepared me for this. Edit: I went back and listened to an early one and I can hear there ARE precursors.
            • Gambeat11's avatar
              Some albums even after 20 years sounds fresh. From other hands some albums sounds outdated soon after release. This album belongs to second category. In my own opinion very dissapointing:(
              • delaneywm's avatar
                Edited 4 years ago
                my runaway album of the year. an incredible journey of house and techno that deepens with every spin. I could see some finding it a bit too formalist or risk-averse but to me that's one of its strengths. it's the sound of a master working comfortably with well-worn tools and creating something special.
                • Andy2307's avatar
                  Don't lose many words.... A very great album.... The purest form of Techno Music!!! Great work.... ;)
                  • player's avatar
                    Edited 2 years ago
                    For me, I prefer the music on this album compared to the tonal Techno of Function's debut and cold moody ambient-techno of his 2nd album.

                    'Existenz' brings a cohesive hardware rawness to its Techno, that gels Ambient and touches of House and Electro delivering both dark and warm tones with a experimental edge that doesn't loose focus or direction of the core roots of Techno. A quality release that will probably have you return back to this album again and again as it grows with each listen and in ways may remind you of artist: Special Request, with Techno fusion style - and that's a good thing for me :)

                    • player's avatar
                      Edited 4 years ago
                      For me I prefer the music on this album rather then the metallic industrial Techno of Function's debut album. 'Existenz' is more a mind listening cohesive aural journey into Techno that gels Ambient and touches of House and Electro with tracks delivering a warmer tone that mixes experimental without losing compared to darker tonal moody side of Function's debut. A quality release that will probably have you return back to this album again again more often then 'Incubation.' - even though that was quality!

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