Stin ScatzorInjury3:00
Ode Philipica*No Navera Divaleere5:06
Ode Philipica*Self Immolation (Ode's Tribute To Death)6:55
Contagious OrgasmChristine4:17
Fellatio Et CunnilingusSnapper5:29
TelepheriqueHarmonie 20Hz9:13
TelepheriqueKakophonie 20000Hz4:27
SaltFeed Me3:35
Arcus ArcanumA Message From Beyond5:52
Pale ActionTriumph5:12
Wumpscut*Against Decay4:48
Control ImagesStill Born4:28
MondblutThe Love Of Christ5:45
Bär & CoDas Duell4:46

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    Cover of Men-An-Tol, 1994, CassetteMen-An-Tol
    Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C90
    Ant-Zen – ACT 01, Ant-Zen – ACT 1Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Men-An-Tol, 1994, CassetteMen-An-Tol
    Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, 2nd Edition
    Ant-Zen – ACT 01Germany1994Germany1994


    • noizyme's avatar
      After listening to this release for the first time, I have to remind myself about what the origins of rhythmic noise were doing for the standard club beats we hear in underground culture now in 2007. 14 years after the creation of these mutilated beats and washy sampling, you will be hard pressed to find artists who never took anything from the performers on this compilation.

      The greatest and more well-known artists in the Ant-Zen label scene got their names established from this compilation: PAL, Salt, Mondblut, :Wumpscut:, Stin Scatzor, and Contagious Orgasm (to name some notable artists on here).

      As a compilation, it does very well to combine the various stylings of extreme post-industrial vocals, horrifying dark ambient music, and repetitious war beats for the insane. The experimental mindset of Ant-Zen is what impresses me so much about this release and the future of their releases to come. It was as if "no-holds-barred production" was the guideline for most of its artists.

      I missed out on hearing the official cassette-only release of this compilation, but I'm sure that it would've made this compilation all the more better since Salt oversees the creation of all things visual for the time this was released. It would've made these dark tracks all the more muddled and sexy to the experimental-lovers' ears.

      My favorite tracks on this compilation are somewhat easy to pick out if you like a particular-styled artist on Ant-Zen (I first heard PAL around 1999, so I missed out on great artistic pieces by little known groups today). I loved "Shiftwork" by PAL, "Injury" by Stin Scatzor, and "The Love of Christ" by Mondblut probably the best, but the various feeling of each track makes for a wonderful meditation session on the different creative sides of sound.

      If you get a chance to hear it, you will not be disappointed.

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