R.A.P. Ferreira And The Jefferson Park BoysPurple Moonlight Pages

R.A.P. Ferreira - Purple Moonlight Pages album cover

Genre:Hip Hop


Omens & Totems3:00
U.D.I.G. (United Defenders Of International Goodwill)2:08
Dust Up3:08
No Starving Artists2:30
Leaving Hell2:44
An Idea Is A Work Of Art4:15
Golden Sardine2:22
Ro Talk4:10

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    Cover of Purple Moonlight Pages, 2020-03-06, FilePurple Moonlight Pages
    18×File, MP3, Album
    320 kbps
    Ruby Yacht – RBYT01320202020
    New Submission
    Cover of Purple Moonlight Pages, 2020-03-06, FilePurple Moonlight Pages
    File, MP3 Surround, Album
    Ruby Yacht – none20202020
    New Submission
    Cover of Purple Moonlight Pages, 2020-03-06, CassettePurple Moonlight Pages
    Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
    Ruby Yacht – RBYT013US2020US2020
    Needs Changes
    Cover of Purple Moonlight Pages, 2020, VinylPurple Moonlight Pages
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo
    Ruby Yacht – RBYT013US2020US2020
    New Submission


    • ricky_bettini's avatar
      Bought this specifically to get it autographed on tour cause in my city he's playing a really small venue and I was able to get Boldy James' autograph at the same place, worth every penny cause this thing sounds amazing, one of the best records of 2020 and one of the best hip hop albums of recent memory
      • KafeiTomasu's avatar
        Sounds amazing. Good mastering and a really lush sound. Love this album.
        • madotsukig1rl's avatar
          sounds solid. got this for forty bones after the seller accidentally scratched side a with a box cutter but it's a really good pressing - super full with no real issues. could be a bit heavier, but the sound definitely makes up for it. the gatefold art is amazing, as well.
          • WalterSmy's avatar
            Sounds great! Really happy with this pressing. He also shipped the records outside of the sleeves in order to prevent the splits that will happen during shipping. I was nervous paying a higher price that this could come in and not be a good pressing, but thankfully that was not the case. The mix on this sounds GREAT and no surface noise.

            Happy to own this and happy to pay the $77 to support this artist. This money is going directly to him. As a side note, if you take into account the current circumstances, he would not be able to tour even if he wanted to, which means losing out on a lot of merchandise and ticket sales.

            You may say this is unfair to the fans, but his music is available on almost all streaming services it is easily accessible. You don't NEED this on vinyl. If he wanted to take this opportunity to make the vinyl release something more and be able to make more than what he does off of streaming platforms, that is ok it is his art. This really is a great album and he should get his money.

            I also like the conversation that this started in the community I know a lot of people were upset but a lot of people were supportive (it did sell out) and I think it was an important conversation to have. I know it made me do some reflecting on how I felt and why and any time that happens I take it as a good thing.
            • chasing1138's avatar
              I have to respect the hustle and what artists are doing to stay afloat during the pandemic, but charging $77 for a brand new 2LP release just feels so disrespectful to the fans. He's only charging so much because he knows for a fact how brutal the secondhand market is with his stuff, so he figures his fans would rather pay the high entry fee now rather than $200+ down the road. On one hand it's more money directly to the artist, but on the other hand it's clear price gouging from someone who knows the market. I caved in and bought it, but is it because I love the album and artist or because I'd be kicking myself in a few months when I see what it's going for on here? Maybe I'm being over-dramatic but it's stuff like this that makes this hobby not fun anymore
              • Gorno's avatar
                Great album. The production is beastly. It really needs a vinyl release.

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