Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by SgtPwepper

April 11, 2021
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Would be the perfect album if only 'Colourbox - Hot Doggie' and 'Dif Juz - No Motion' were left off.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore Tebasaki_001

June 4, 2021
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No Motion is the best track on here! Blasphemy!

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by PatronSaintofScratch

April 2, 2021
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Lonely is as lonely does. Lonely is an eyesore...

A lyric taken from the jangling almost frenetic "Fish" by Throwing Muses
for whence this compilation derived its name. The assemblage of dark &
lovely tracks by the artists from the 4AD label. is as brilliant as it ever was!

My favorite track is the whirlwind of color in "Crushed" by Cocteau Twins,
But the whole of the collection is brilliant... a nice intro to 4AD's oeuvre.

A note should be said about the cover... 4AD fans love obscurity and the
label delivered a murky and mystical cover that aptly matches the music within.


Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by Crijevo

August 21, 2020
referencing Lonely Is An Eyesore, LP, Comp, CAD 703
While the super legendary "object of desire" that is the wooden box, keeps teasing the most curious of collectors to dare pay a fortune for what looks like IKEA's standard piece of furniture commissioned to store in your three copies of LIAE, it is the lush multipanel sleeve version LP with the full book, that you want.

As for the music part, well, most fans won't and can't be wrong when saying that despite this being a bit of a "letdown" - or half-baked even - it still is a tiny treasure throve of obscure songs that simultaneously fall out with, and complement one another. Expecting "the anthology" for the year 1987 doesn't make musch sense, 4AD treating "Lonely Is An Eyesore" as a transitional "annual report" of sorts - the presence of a certain Throwing Muses marks the label's welcome of innovative US alternative bands, while the remaining selection of predominantly UK artists stayed close to home with the label's then-established ethereal sound.

Of the lot, nothing indeed insists on being excellent or "the best" but no track here is less than good. The Wolfgang Press' "Cut the Tree" would have been a great addition to "Standing Up Straight" but the exclusiveness of it on this very compilation, makes it a valuable little oddity in itself. This Mortal Coil's is a standardly beautiful little dirge that's hard to catch by the tail - according to its title, there seems to be three mood pieces segued into one ("Bitter" later resurfaced in different mix on "Blood"). Colourbox's is a great little trashy rock opener, augmented by disturbing samples thrown in from trash-movies (the one immediately audible being "2000 Maniacs"). Oddly enough, Dead Can Dance contributed with two pieces here - one of which is "Frontier" - previously known from the duo's nascent debut album, here sounding far more raw (almost as in Test Dept.), with the liner notes adding a detail this song actually dates back to 1979, which again is odd as DCD probably weren't then as of yet. Their other piece is more established for the year 1987. At the time they released the album"Within the Realm Of a Dying Sun" and the orchestral mini-epic "The Protagonist" reflects that approach. Also interesting of note is that DCD were not happy with Nigel Grierson's video for "The Protagonist", and in return refused to accept their exclusive copy of the wooden box package of the album. Then there are Dif Juz, one of my all time favourite bands, here with "No Motion", their beautiful, signature instrumental piece with ethereal narrative. Cocteau Twins may not have had anything to surprise us with in "Crushed" (even the video looks like cut from the same cloth as some of their other videos from around 1986), still it's a beautiful little standard of theirs, with Liz Fraser's vocal acrobatics on top that are the same time hilarious and soothing. Throwing Muses' "Fish" (which, as is known by now, gave this compilation its title) stays out as the compilation's weirdest moment - a hysterical indie gem sounding all over the place (the video version differs from the album version, for being a live rehearsal). Clan of Xymox re-recorded "Muscoviet Mosquito" for the occasion - an earlier version of the song appeared on the group's self-released 1983 mini-LP "Subsequent Pleasures", but this new version by far surpasses the original. Its keyboards arrangement is pleasantly reminiscent of EKV's Margita Stefanović.

In all, yes, it is a bit of a scrapbook choice of material, but its very inconsistency perfectly shows where 4AD's heart was at the time, and beating.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore Funkbeatss

January 5, 2020
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Retro called pub in Sao Paulo, every Sunday night circa 1988/89. Impossible not to think about this album. Greeat memories

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore AlexD.C

November 7, 2020
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Espaço Retrô! Santa Cecília... “Roberto, tô com 10 amigos e só um pagante... pode entrar?”; Juizado de menores... ahhh quanta coisa rolava por lá! Saudades imensas ❤️

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by tony4ad

March 15, 2019
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Pretty sure it's 3000 copies ,10,000 is WAY to high a number I'm sure the copy I have indicates 3 thousand on a shop written label .

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by maxal

April 21, 2018
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It's time to reassess this monolithic clunk of a collector's piece. How does it bear to time? I am an avid fan of 4AD. Cocteau Twins, DCD, Colourbox, X-mal Deutschland, Frazier Chorus, Richenel (yes, love the single), Lydia Lunch and Howard's Some Velvet Morning (stunning). I pretty much love most of the 80's 90's 4AD output. Then also odd ones from the latter period: Vinnie Miller is exceptional. So, I write the below with experience of 4AD collecting and listening.

I have just written something on the Clan of Xymox promo single, Muscoviet Musquito, and it made me rethink this Lonely Is an Eyesore 'anthology' project. Of course, for decades I wanted the full box set. I pined over the pine box, the lavish artwork for every format . . . even the V&A have a copy!!! It seemed the pine box was a must-have 4AD item which would forever elude . . .

Time heals all wounds. Now I think, "So what?" I don't want it now. And I am not saying this all acid, bitter and sad on the outskirts of dejection. I haven't space for the clunky item, and the pine looks a bit raw, like crate material, not a wood to cherish - I'm not sure how it will age and it looks splinteringly dangerous. The item is too big for its contents.

And what of the contents? The sound?

Hot Doggie is a great opening track, full of excitement, creating genuine anticipation for the rest of the album. It's a glorious Colourbox track worthy of Colourbox's singular album. But then that's pretty much it. The rest of the album is a bit of a let down, there aren't any other key tracks. Lonely Is an Eyesore managed to live up to its name, including mediocre tracks from all the rest of the featured artists. I love 4AD, but Lonely Is an Eyesore is one of my least played albums. So, no, I don't want a huge pine crate with all its untouched formats reminding me of that.

If the first This Mortal Coil album had had a special presentation set (but again, probably not in the pine box - to be honest, I never liked that cheap cofin), it would have stood the test of time. 4AD is a powerhouse of innovative music, most of which is worth playing and which hopefully will continue to inspire.

The above might sound bitchy. I don't mean it to. I write it because the sentiment surprises me too - I never envisaged I would come to have this opinion and it's important to give things their rightful place. Apart from all the individual 4AD albums and singles, far too many to list here, Lilliput, the boxed Mortal Coil, Colourbox, Pixies and DCDs - these are far more worthy of representing 4AD's high achievement in both sound and packaging.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore maxal

April 24, 2018
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That's fair enough plaidzebra. As fans of 4AD we're coming from similar territory. Taste is personal and we will have different favourites, so it's interesting what you say, and puts context around my view and kind of quashes it. Looking at what I wrote now, I see it was aimed at people like you, a 4AD fan who can take it for what it is. Weirdly: a negative comment on an album I do like.

For what it's worth, favourites? My favourite Throwing Muses album is the first eponymous album. As with a lot of 4AD sound Clan of Xymox is something I am protective of (I am aware of how others can find them emotionally too melodramatic to the point of plaintive). Over Muscoviet, I prefer No Human Can Drown, where I'd say there is more development and a strong theme. But in light of what I just said, other people's perception of Xymox being melodramatic etc . . . it's great you like Muscoviet. your opinion of it is more receptive of the positive in it. I also like the non-4AD Xymox album, Twist of Shadows. For Cocteau Twins, you can see my opinion of the first three albums here on discogs. I agree with you about Frontier. It comes from the first DCD release and as is often the case with me the first releases of any 4AD artist are often uniquely special. DCD progressed beautifully with their music (and still are!), however, it was a little sad to see that rawer sound of the first DCD EP release inevitably go.

You're probably also right in the sense I shouldn't have taken so much time to write a negative review on a label which (at that time) was hardly doing anything wrong. [And certainly doing a lot of right in shaping future directions: Pixies ---> Curt Cobain, Cocteau twins and Lush ---> shoegazing, Colourbox ---> sampling . . . ] I was saying, for me, LIaE doesn't reach the peaks other 4AD releases reached at the time and that the production values of the pine box should reach. But really, my writing was a personal marking of the shift I'd made in my appraisal of that album (I always felt I should like it more). In this case I am happy to be proven wrong that a 4AD release is better than I think it is - 4AD deserve more attention than they get. At some point I will get it out to remind myself.

Being negatively critical of art is an odd thing. No matter what an artist creates, at least they are creating something. You have to be very careful. Recently I was going to write something about some music I didn't like and I decided not to. That particular world-renouned artist had devoted his life, in comparison I wasn't too sure how my criticism would weigh in print (spoken: fine) . . .

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore plaidzebra

April 23, 2018
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It's always interesting to read a review like yours, that runs totally counter to my own opinion. Of course, you're neither right nor wrong.

Nevertheless, "No Motion" by Dif Juz is the reason I immediately went out and bought everything they ever made. As a fan of the Wolfgang Press, "Cut the Tree" is tremendously satisfying. "Muscoviet Mosquito" is unquestionably among my favorite Clan of Xymox tunes. "Crushed" was one of the first tunes I heard from Cocteau Twins, and it sounds just as amazing today. Mediocre? By what measure? "Frontier" is about as interesting as a demo gets, and while it doesn't necessarily better the version found on Dead Can Dance's debut, it's well worth hearing, particularly given the backstory. And even for someone who is not a huge Throwing Muses fan, "Fish" is captivating and invigorating. From my perspective, these are all key tracks, a rarity for such a compilation. There's no doubt in my mind why they were curated, why they represent each band, and why they were chosen to represent 4AD at a pivotal moment. They are all unique, highly distinctive bands, and the songs reflect this in the music, arrangements, production and performances.

For my money, only the droning soundtrack of "The Protagonist" and the over the top melodrama of "Acid, Bitter and Sad" fail to deliver the same high quality, though both have interesting aspects. Personally, I couldn't give a damn about anything except the music, although the sleeve art is very attractive. And I understand why after all these years this collection is still highly regarded and rated: not because it did or did not come in a special box, but because the music is very good. So while I think you are neither right nor wrong, I'd hate to think that anyone might miss out on this excellent record based on your unenthusiastic review. Hot doggie!

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore medfly70

December 8, 2017
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I remember holding one in my hands when it came out. If I only knew then.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by brian.shanks.54

February 20, 2015
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Great compilation, well worth buying.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore isaRRecords

August 2, 2014
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Before, I always wanted to know what kind of a mythical wooden box. And now I can see what kind of an ugly thing. I would neither have taken this monster instead of DCD, lol.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore hbotis

March 11, 2016
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Yes, always wondered about this. First time seeing a picture of it.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore Blessedheart85

August 28, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
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Me neither! I fear we may have to wait for an eternity, though...

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore ianmacd

January 3, 2014
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I wanted one of these at the time, but couldn't afford the ₤100 that was being asked.

Does anyone know why Dead Can Dance wouldn't accept their copies? I know they weren't happy with the video for 'The Protagonist', but that seems unlikely to be the reason.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore dacryonwave

August 19, 2012
referencing Lonely Is An Eyesore, CD, Comp, CAD 703 CD

"Muscoviet Mosquito" is on it.

"Acid, Bitter and Sad" is on it.

Fucking "Crushed" is on it for crying out loud.

Just buy it. It is, as another review has said, an excellent compilation of early 4AD at its apogee.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore as reviewed by Merfie

November 9, 2011
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Lonely Is An Eyesore, CD, Comp, CAD 703 CD

For me, this is one of the best compilations ever! I've heard it for the first time when I was still studying (about 20 years ago) and had lent it from the library. I was totally overwhelmed by the intense atmosphere of it. Especially the 2 songs from Dead Can Dance blew me away and I used to play them over and over, sitting in the dark to fully enjoy them. Also Clan Of Xymox' Muscoviet Mosquito made me instantly fall in love with this great band. (together with Dead Can Dance, still one of my alltime favourites)
Afterwards, I've been looking for it time and again in music stores (in vain) untill I could finally get hold of it online. Even now - 20 years later - when I listen to this CD, I get carried away on these "cold waves". When you're into dark, atmoshperic music, don't hesitate to buy this.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore calx4ad

March 3, 2011
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Hello folks :) According to the and other sources this is a limited edition of 10.000 and not 1.000. Can someone help about the correct information?

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore maxal

November 4, 2018
referencing Lonely Is An Eyesore, LP, Comp, Dlx, Ltd, CAD D 703
The normal ltd edition (CAD D 703), ie fold-out card sleeve was definitely 10,000, so not that 'limited'. The oak box completist edition (CADX 703) was limited to 100.

There were 3 versions of this LP on vinyl.

CAD 703: initial quantities of which included a three-way folding inner sleeve, while later copies had a regular inner sleeve with an insert. Sleeve by 23 Envelope, Nigel Grierson, Danger Video and Arthur Parker.

CAD703D is a limited edition of 10,000 with some extra artwork (the outer folding case).

CAD703X is a deluxe wooden box, a limited edition of 100, containing all the different editions of Lonely Is An Eyesore (vinyle, cassette and CD)and some additional prints.
About the box: 30 were released for sale (£200 each directly from 4AD), 70 were given away to the bands, distibutors of 4AD material and others. The prints were rather expensive, bringing the cost of production of the box up to £500. There are two prints, one 15×20 cm (etching) by Jinny McGarrity, where small details differ from box to box. The other is larger, 100x200cm (by Terry Dowling), printed on rice paper. The prints were wrapped in a sealed plastic-like paper.

VAD703 is a video. All the songs are the same as the other formats, except that the version of «Fish» is different. During the end titles on the video, an instrumental version of «Oomingmak» by Cocteau twins is played.

This was (indirectly) taken from, a fan site dedicated to 4AD from 1980 to about 2000.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore spatafore

July 3, 2017
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I'm a almost sure that is 10.000 I see a lot copies of this "limited" record, is not too rare.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore Crijevo

November 25, 2016
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A ltd pressing MEANS it's very probably done in 1.000 pieces :) while documenting most of it, may have just mistyped the number. This mega-foldout edition is also included in that notorious wooden box edition along with the VHS/CD/tape versions...

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore NothingNatural

June 10, 2011
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This may not be very helpful but I seriously doubt they made 10,000 of the special edition version. Maybe it's 10,000 pressed overall, 1,000 coming in the limited edition set.