Plan & Elevation: I. The Ellipse3:58
Plan & Elevation: II. The Cutting Garden2:56
Plan & Elevation: III. The Herbaceous Border3:31
Plan & Elevation: IV. The Orangery1:57
Plan & Elevation: V. The Beech Tree2:36
Ritornello 2.sq.2.j.a16:36
Limestone & Felt5:42

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    Cover of Orange, 2019-04-19, CDOrange
    CD, Album
    Nonesuch – 7559-79260-9, New Amsterdam Records – 7559-79260-9US2019US2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Orange, 2020-07-24, VinylOrange
    2×LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Orange, 180 Gram
    New Amsterdam Records – 075597921434, Nonesuch – 075597921434US2020US2020
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    • timeware's avatar
      Edited 2 months ago
      I've gone through 3 copies of this LP, 2 via Amazon and one directly from Nonesuch. On all 3 copies of Disc 2 (C & D) there are numerous ticks, pops, and -- worst of all -- rotational ticks. I've given up trying to get a noise-free copy of this LP. Very disappointing pressing for such lovely music.
      • seanandrewcooper's avatar
        the lack of quality control in general is such a bummer these days, but from a label that calls itself nonesuch—and that has the kind of historical pedigree this label has—while charging a premium for "180g vinyl" that sounds like it's wrapped in cellophane… who cares? press it on 100g vinyl and make it f*ing quiet! i can't for the life of me understand why this continues to be a problem from labels that should know better, and should deliver better for the prices their asking.
        • vinzcha's avatar
          Hopefully the copy I purchased is an anomaly, but the second record came with a significant blemish, seemingly from an errant chunk of colored vinyl, that adds a thumping bass sound in the same spot on both sides. Outside of that, there was a significant amount of surface noise on the disc. Nonesuch took no responsibility for it, so buyer beware!
          As others have noted, it's otherwise an amazing recording.

          Side note: what's with not including digital downloads with new vinyl anymore?
          • allaway's avatar
            Wonderful album, really inventive music. Really quality pressing too.

            Note that - at least at the time of this comment - that this is available direct from Nonesuch for $24 instead of the $35+ it's going for here.
            • PressureChief's avatar
              Edited 3 years ago
              I have been looking forward to this release for months. Shaw's music is unusual not in its instrumentation, but in its harmony, rhythm and structure. From first listen I was captivated by the urgency of Entr'acte and from her use of recognizable themes from other well known string quartets (Ravel's, for one, is one of my favorites). Lest the quoting of other artists seem derivative, Shaw's use is very spatial, and gives one the feeling of moving in and out of chambers where different groups are playing.

              The non-standard pitch work and sliding of tonalities adds an ethereal quality that mesmerizes me as well.

              Attacca Quartet leave nothing behind; they play with a controlled abandon like few quartets could manage. Their keen ear for the demands of this work comes through with very little left to be desired. Do check out some of the live videographed recordings of them playing this work, it is ever so rewarding to see as well as hear their passion.

              I almost forgot to add - I love that the double LP comes with two of the pieces scored out as an insert - what a joy for musicians to follow along with this music and see it notated.

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