PJ HarveyDry - Demos

Style:Alternative Rock


Oh My Lover
O Stella
Happy And Bleeding
Plants And Rags

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These demos were previously available in 1992 as "Demonstration" LP as part of a limited edition 2LP-set of 5,000 numbered copies of the Dry album. Since July 24 , 2020 available for the first time as a stand-alone vinyl/CD/digital release.


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    Cover of Dry - Demos, 2020-07-24, VinylDry - Demos
    LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Island Records – 0878247, UMC – 0878247, Island Records – 00602508782473, UMC – 00602508782473Worldwide2020Worldwide2020
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    Cover of Dry - Demos, 2020-07-24, CDDry - Demos
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Island Records – 0890198, UMC – 089019820202020
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    Cover of Dry - Demos, 2020-07-24, FileDry - Demos
    11×File, AIFF, Reissue
    Universal Music Catalogue – none20202020
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    Dry - Demos
    11×File, WAV, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Island Records – none, UMC – none20202020
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    • Ivo4's avatar
      Edited 8 months ago
      I was so happy to get this. I’ve had an original pressing of Dry since it came out, but I’ve longingly viewed the more rare 2LP pressing that includes the second “Demonstrations” demo LP for many years. It’s nice to have these Demos on vinyl without having to pay the high price for a rare 2LP pressing especially since I already own the single LP version. This is my favorite PJ Harvey album, alongside Rid of Me - it’s always been hard for me to decide between the two. I love having demos of both albums now as I’ve had 4 track demos since it was released (technically I’m assuming these are the same Demo recordings as the “demonstration” LP since I’ve never heard it, but I can’t imagine that they are different). These demos are great and well worth having.
      • kev_is_soaked's avatar
        Amazing pressing, very clear mastering, individual instruments sound like you're in the room. This is the second Demos album I've bought and bought the boxed set as well based on how much I've enjoyed these.
        • The_Purple_One's avatar
          Great pressing. Quiet and flat. Brilliant vocal clarity make theses recordings jump out of the speakers.
          • odysplob's avatar
            sounds like i got one of the distortion-free pressings... overall an exceptionally clean listen, not a pop or crackle outside of the first 2-3secs of run-in. the dynamic range of her vocals jump off every track ; really feels like an in-room performance. an absolute must-have for any PJ fan
            • ultron500's avatar
              A Fantastic release and my favorite of all the Demos releases alongside the White Chalk - Demos lp. I think this is also the best sounding of the demos set and equal to PJs main releases. My record is very well pressed and the mastering vivid and very present. In some ways this betters the full band "Dry" release in terms of intensity and some of the vocals here.
              A very highly recommended purchase...I'd say essential if you are a PJ Harvey aficionado.
              • jbacus's avatar
                Posting here in case others, like me assumed all copies come with download cards. I bought these 5 demo LPs just recently from a very large US-based web store. There is no pattern I can figure out as to which ones come with the sticker and download card.
                1) PJ Harvey - Dry - Demos - HAS sticker. presumably download card, no "Autorip" from merchant
                2) PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love - Demos - HAS sticker. presumably download card, HAS "Autorip" from merchant
                3) PJ Harvey - Is This Desire? - Demos - no sticker. presumably no download card, no "Autorip" from merchant
                4) PJ Harvey - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - Demos - no sticker. presumably no download card, HAS "Autorip" from merchant
                5) PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her ‎– Demos - no sticker. presumably no download card, HAS "Autorip" from merchant
                • lovemusiclife's avatar
                  My CD copy has a much slimmer spine than the other "The Demos" CDs. Has anyone else noticed this?
                  • MEllODrOnE's avatar
                    This is a solid pressing. Clean wax. Plays silently with no background noise. The music sounds big and jumps out of the speakers projecting a spellbinding soundstage. Happy with the whole thing.
                    • patlebouc's avatar
                      Unfortunately, my copy is not a perfect ,quiet pressing....little noises all the way through the record that you really hear in quiet moments and between songs....otherwise I really like how it sounds....
                      • alexgoodnycrecords's avatar
                        This came out at the precise moment. I was about to drop $300 for an unscratched copy from 1992 with the bonus demonstration disc. It’s worth the purchase for the acoustic Joe alone.

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