Genre:Electronic, Pop


Waba Duba3:07
The Vanishing Of Peter Strong3:22
Way Down3:19
Out Of Sight3:03
Arthur Spark3:35
Big Boy's Blues3:27
Basic Avenue2:55
Core Shift3:00
Spinning My Mind3:19
Hot Pan3:17
Rush For Joe3:25
Siren Singing3:43

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    Cover of Point (Collector's Box), 2020-08-28, VinylPoint (Collector's Box)
    LP, Album, Picture Disc; CD, Album; DVD, DVD-Video; Blu-ray; Box Set, Limited Edition
    Polydor – 060250883375 5Germany, Austria, & Switzerland2020Germany, Austria, & Switzerland2020
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    Cover of Point, 2020-08-28, VinylPoint
    LP, Album
    Polydor – 0602508833779, Polydor – 08833779, Universal Music Group – 0602508833779, Universal Music Group – 08833779
    +2 more labels...
    Cover of Point, 2020-08-28, CDPoint
    CD, Album
    Polydor – 0602508833748, Polydor – 06025 0883374 8, Universal Music Group – 0602508833748, Universal Music Group – 06025 0883374 8
    +2 more labels...
    Cover of Point, 2020, CDPoint
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Polydor (2) – 0602508833748, Polydor (2) – 06025 0883374 8, Universal Music Group (2) – 0602508833748, Universal Music Group (2) – 06025 0883374 8
    +2 more labels...
    Cover of Point, 2020, CDrPoint
    CDr, Album, Unofficial Release
    Digital Records (6) – noneRussia2020Russia2020
    Cover of Point, 2020-11-12, Blu-rayPoint
    Blu-ray, Blu-ray Audio, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo, Multichannel
    Dolby Atmos Edition
    Polydor – 06024 3551161 0Europe2020Europe2020
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Point, 2020, CDrPoint
    CDr, Album, Unofficial Release
    Star Line (7) – SL20020Russia2020Russia2020
    Cover of Point, 2021, Memory StickPoint
    Memory Stick, FLAC, Unofficial Release, Stereo
    Something Special (2) – SD-21006Russia2021Russia2021
    • J-Keller's avatar
      A very nice pressing of an absolutely incredible sounding release. The soundstage is enormous and this has some of the best imaging I’ve ever heard on a vinyl record. Highly recommend!
      • sianturi's avatar
        OMG! This enters in my audiophile vinyl category. It sounds amazing.
        • doctorg's avatar
          Edited 8 months ago
          Look I'm a Yello fan from the very beginning; who could forget dancing to the 12" of Vicious Games back in the 80s? What confounds me is how Yello have never, as far as I am concerned, put a foot significantly wrong in their epic musical journey. I can't recall a single bad track, let alone poor album. "Point" is no exception: chock full of fun, humour, cheek, hauteur, sexiness, melancholy, depth, killer rhythms, and of course production skills of note. I don't think it is quite as good as "Toy" or "Touch", but not much in it. I can't think of another 80s act that has survived and thrived the way that Yello has. On point!
          • JonathanMills's avatar
            Edited one year ago
            I picked this up in a local media store and just bought it because I like Yello but did not do any research on this (which I usually do when buying vinyls) and got extremly impressed when I listened to it. I have bought many new records of artists that I like but this one is really a quality pressing, actually on of my better ones for sure now. There are absolutely no pops or no hissing (which sadly is not often the case on new vinyls) and the mix is very clean and wide. This one is gonna be a classic for every future audiophile for sure. It is very rare to get such an excellent quality pressing of such an excellent artist when it comes to new records.
            • zevulon's avatar
              I'm happy to report that the audio is full and lossless, confirmed with a spectrograph. Too many Russian and Chinese pirate pressings only contain lousy and lossy audio, but not this release!
              Why there is no official 15 track CD to buy anymore is the typical arrogance of Universal.
              The limited box which contained the full album, got sold out within a couple of weeks, so, no music for the masses unless you pay top € or invest in an Unofficial CD or download.
              It is definitely not up there with any of the first 6 classic and eternal albums, but it has its moments and is a solid effort - and why not get the Real Deal instead of the abridged official album?
              • yello99's avatar
                Absolutely superb. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from Yello. The Boxed Deluxe set is....Deluxe. Sound quality is Magnificent as usual. As these guys get older their music just gets better. Standout tracks are Way Down and the luscious Fiji Rong vocals on Siren Singing. The Blu-ray of their concert is out of this world. Lavish box. Lavish vocals. Can’t find any problems with my Vinyl copy. Much better than some Vinyl I’ve bought recently. May they continue for years to come.
                • will.valintine's avatar
                  Edited one year ago
                  I've had to order the black vinyl edition too, as the floor noise on the picture disc is horrendous!
                  • sandurski's avatar
                    Is it common that the LP sleeve inside the box is damaged? The LP moved around a bit during transport and the outer sleeve is damaged on the side. I have contacted the shop (Dussmann) and obviosly they don't have spares. I've also contacted Universal Germany but no answer as yet.
                    • rafboy's avatar
                      Edited one year ago
                      I was going to say that this album is surprisingly good, but in retrospect, it's not very surprising.
                      Yello just consistently puts out good music.
                      One of their best? Not even close. I give that nod to "One Second", but there are songs on here that could easily have been on there.
                      The quality peters, towards the end of the album, and the one song I'm not crazy about is "Hot Pan".
                      • simontremblay's avatar
                        Edited one year ago
                        Un album FORMIDABLE ce YELLO et comme toujours. MAIS CELUI-CI EST QUANT À MOI UNE VRAIE BOMBE. Je m'attendait a quelque chose de Yello mais c'est encore plus. Il commence et tu part avec l'album pour te rendre compte que tu n'a pas décrocher jusqu'à la derniére note. C'est vraiment très bon, inattendu mais sur le même chemin de toujours. Une pure merveille à chaque pièce, une qualité de son incroyable et en 24Bit c'est le top. Ça passe sans qu'on s'en rendent compte et on remets encore. BRAVO et MERCI YELLO pour c'est 38 ans qui correspondent aux années que je vous suit sans jamais être déçu :) MERCI, MERCI et MERCI! YELLO :)

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