Masenqo 6:23
Cha Cha 4:35
Addis Black Widow 3:39
Mulatu 3:15
Blue Nile 3:12
Esketa Dance 4:09
Chik Chikka 5:04
Live From Tigre Lounge 2:54
Chinese New Year 3:46
Phantom Of The Panther 2:21
Dewel 5:49
Fire In The Zoo 3:36
An Epic Story 5:01
Anglo Ethio Suite 7:19


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September 8, 2017
referencing Inspiration Information, 2xLP, Album, STRUT040LP

Easily the best jazz sounding The Heliocentrics ‎ there is !!!


January 29, 2017
referencing Inspiration Information, 2xLP, Album, STRUT040LP

Great album and great sounding vinyl, a must have !!!


April 3, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Inspiration Information, 2xLP, Album, STRUT040LP
'Inspiration Information' sees Astatke delve a little into his wide array of styles with The Heliocentrics bringing more than just seasoning to the pianist's main course. Harmony is the key to the album's success, not just melodically speaking, also in the way each player can pre-empt where the lead wishes to go, something no amount of fancy production or painstakingly devised arrangements can offer. Even the song titles are begotten of a world where music is still treated as something more than a background noise at a party full of egos trying to out-do each other. Simple fact is, Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics NEED to work together more often, the world is crying out for it, at least those in the world who actually appreciate music.

This is the jazz fusion/funk record I've been looking for - memorable bass riffs, jiving trumpets that never waste air, tribal (and some hip hop) drumming, hints of African music and so much more. Alot of the songs have a dark spy film vibe, like maybe something Patton might come up with as part of fantomas, and the band gels very well and stays as tight as a metal band. This has wide appeal I think, and would please listeners of all genres...