Hambone Cappuccino5:36
Radar Detector6:16
This Is For You 10:27
Hennyweed Buckdance7:09
Angry Purple Birds10:30
Who Knew Kung Fu8:03
All Your Boys Are Biters3:27
Knew Better Do Better10:19


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    Cover of Wuddaji, 2020-09-00, VinylWuddaji
    3×12", Album
    Sound Signature – SS 079/80/81US2020US2020
    New Submission
    Cover of Wuddaji, 2020-09-02, FileWuddaji
    8×File, FLAC, Album
    Sound Signature – SS 079/80/81US2020US2020
    Cover of Wuddaji, 2020-12-00, CDWuddaji
    CD, Album
    Sound Signature – sscd14US2020US2020
    Cover of Wuddaji, 2020-12-14, CassetteWuddaji
    Cassette, Album
    Sound Signature – SSCAS5US2020US2020
    New Submission



    • hugh_like's avatar
      Superb stuff again. Personally, I prefer "American Intelligence" perhaps a liiiitle bit more as I find it has more variation, it's bit more creative, more bold. But you can't flaw this album. The three tracks on the respective B-sides are the highlights for me as they tell a whole story. The A, C and E sides are perhaps more DJ-tools à la Theo Parrish. This is all great music on silent pressings.
      • ringorider's avatar
        Theo's stuff is still pure top tier class. Like many artists he's moved away from sampling and making "pure" music and it means there is a certain level of recognisability to his music. I love everything he does, and his vision is again "pure". There a slight moments where I miss some of the more lo-fi / varied joints from when he was younger but that is often the case with people like him. That's where his Dj sets come in. Some of the most soulful music around. Pricing wise, as said below buy direct if it seems expensive. Omar-S was selling his own stuff direct for years cheaper than through the shops. As far as this album goes my highlight is the an obvious one, "This Is For You"; it was one of the singles but grabs you deep every time.
        • oopu's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          amazing album thank you Theo! Buy direct at SoundSignature dot net net net!!!!!
          • marktokyo's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago
            There's a special retirement home for old drum machines and brasses from disbanded orchestras. It's very special when they all take their Saturday evening stroll together.
            • unmarked_space's avatar
              too bad his records are always so overpriced. words words

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