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    Cover of Haunted / Anti War Dub, 2006-02-03, VinylHaunted / Anti War Dub
    12", 45 RPM
    DMZ – dmz007UK2006UK2006
    Cover of Haunted / Anti War Dub, 2006-02-03, FileHaunted / Anti War Dub
    2×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    DMZ – dmz007UK2006UK2006
    Haunted / Anti War Dub
    12", 45 RPM, White Label
    DMZ – DMZ 007UK2006UK2006
    New Submission
    Cover of dmZ007, 2013-09-30, VinyldmZ007
    12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release, White Label
    Not On Label (Digital Mystikz) – M2D 007, Not On Label (Digital Mystikz) – MZD 007UK2013UK2013
    Recently Edited
    Cover of dmZ007, 2013-09-30, VinyldmZ007
    12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Test Pressing, Unofficial Release, White Label
    Not On Label (Digital Mystikz) – MZD007UK2013UK2013
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Anti War Dub, 2021-06-25, FileAnti War Dub
    File, WAV, Remastered
    I & I Music – II004UK2021UK2021
    New Submission



    • woof_woof's avatar
      scalpers and speculators, watch out

      "2021 will also mark a project that fans will be delighted to learn of. All of his tracks from DMZ and labels like Soul Jazz Records — around 40 of them all in — have been remastered, and he plans to release them digitally for the first time, so that listeners can finally have high- quality files of their favourites. In a bid to satisfy vinyl enthusiasts and DJs while preserving the sentimental value of those original pressings, and hopefully take the edge off the inflated prices that his old records run for on Discogs, he’s also considering pressing the remasters."

      source -
      • sidbis's avatar
        from a mala interview - "I think it was in 2005. I remember him coming, sitting at my car at the end of the road. He was like, “Yeah, I done this tune. It ain’t finished yet, but have a quick listen to it. It will be finished next week.” And DMZ was next week. He played me this tune here. I just started cracking up laughing, because instantly I heard what it was going to do to people’s minds, just because of what it done to my mind."
        • BanditZero's avatar
          Go and buy the Warrior Dubz CD for a fiver and get this pressed for yourselves. Granted it won't have the other tunes on, but at the end of the day if you're buying this version then you can't care about it that much XD
          • BanditZero's avatar
            No repress for Anti War Dub - Mala confirmed this way back in a Red bull Music Academy interview.
            My heart sank.
                  • TMobotron's avatar
                    I totally understand the intention behind arguments for why this bootleg ruins the exclusivity of the original 12", but I just don't think those arguments hold up in the modern world we live in. Anyone who wants this release can easily find vinyl rips of it, can easily sample it through the many accessible youtube vids, or if they think the vinyl is the only medium that matters for this (which I mostly agree with), they can still buy the damn thing, they just have to have (as of now) £99.99 for a marked up copy of it. There's no exclusivity. Anyone can have it, they just have to be willing to spend £99.99. Don't you think that's more offensive than this repressing? I've tossed around the idea of paying the outrageous prices for the original a few times, though I've never done it. But now I have to ask - who would I rather give my money to? The people who pressed this bootleg, with the supposed intention of letting a wider audience own it without paying £100, or the people are taking advantage of the intended exclusivity to make money by selling it for an outrageous price to someone who would love to own it?

                    Yes, it's piracy. It's a bit of a unique case though - this release doesn't take away from the artists' income, since they've said they will not repress it. I don't think that alone makes this okay. It's a pretty grey area. I haven't bought it because I'm still unsure of where I stand on this. But I don't think it's a black & white morally wrong product like some people are claiming.
                    • Artikal-Soundboi's avatar
                      Edited 10 years ago
                      Heard this vinyl today & it sounds good quality, I was just a bit surprised at mala's comment about 1 pressing cause to my understanding there are 3 pressings - the white label, the 1st general release & then the repress? I'm not sure if this unofficial repress/bootleg thing is a great idea tho, really it's making money off of someone else's work.
                      I thought it was a rework but it's the original tracks with a vocal/speech intro - quite, well very surprised!! In a way it's good cause people can own a sought after vinyl (who's price has been increasingly bumped up, to stupid levels)!! but on the other hand it's blatant piracy!! Unless in the end, it turns out to be a dmz side project or something unofficial but given clearance.
                      Need to see this press release sheet.
                      • abstracted's avatar
                        Edited 10 years ago
                        That press release sheet is pretty ridiculous... Seems pretty inflammatory to include the sample of Mala saying the release will never be repressed and then jock the hell out of him on the press sheet "We know it was a controversial decision to cut and press this record and as huge followers of the DMZ religion it wasn't taken lightly" What a load of crap... If ya'll were seriously "huge followers of the DMZ religion" you would NOT go straight against Malas' intention that this not be repressed and then spit in his face again by actually including a sample of him PUBLICLY STATING this on your completely illegal bootleg rip. Wow, you should probably feel great about yourselves.

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