Marquis De Sade (2)Justine, or the Misfortune of Virtue


Part I: In which Justine's misfortunes begin at the hands of Messrs. Dubourg and Harpin; she is unjustly imprisoned and rescued by Mme. Dubois only to discover the ways of libertinage at the hands of Coeur de Fer and his bandit tribe, and finally is assaulted in the forest by M. de St. Florent.24:41
Part II: In which Justine, now known as Therese, is discovered in the forest by the pederastic Comte de Bressac, is falsely accused of murder and cruelly punished, and seeks refuge in the home of Doctor Rodin, keeper of a most unusual seminary, and father of Mlle. Rosalie.23:40
Part III: In which Justine, still called Therese, is undeservedly branded as a thief and removed from the home of Doctor Rodin, and enters the service of the Comte de Gernande, where she becomes both victim and participant in his bloodthirsty rituals.24:42
Part IV: In which Justine, as Therese, visits her former rapist Saint Florent; then while traveling alone she encounters Roland the master counterfeiter, who escorts her to his lonely chateau and subjects her to punishment of a breathtaking nature.24:20
Part V: In which Justine, as Therese, suffers Roland's final assaults and narrowly escapes hanging as a counterfeiter; whereupon she encounters her former protector Mme. Dubois, foils the woman's criminal designs and barely avoids losing her head, only to find herself once more in prison.21:17
Part VI: In which Justine is released from prison to spend an excruciating evening at the home of her judge, M. de Cardoville, is unjustly sentenced to hang and miraculously rescued, drops her alias of Therese, and enjoys a few months of happiness before her sudden but enlightening demise.17:29


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    Cover of Justine, or the Misfortune of Virtue, 1966, VinylJustine, or the Misfortune of Virtue
    3×LP, Album, Stereo
    Sadisc – noneUS1966US1966
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    Cover of Justine, or the Misfortune of Virtue, 1966, VinylJustine, or the Misfortune of Virtue
    LP, Mono
    Minta – 1001-1003US1966US1966
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