Leo AnibaldiNoise Generation


Noise Generation4:58
Mirror's Room5:36
Odissey March5:48

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    Cover of Noise Generation, 1991, VinylNoise Generation
    12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
    ACV – ACV 997Italy1991Italy1991
    Cover of Noise Generation, 2020, VinylNoise Generation
    12", Reissue
    Back To Life – BTL004Italy2020Italy2020
    New Submission
    Cover of Noise Generation, 2020, VinylNoise Generation
    12", Reissue, White
    Back To Life – BTL004Italy2020Italy2020



    • flipwuk's avatar
      would be so good to get a reissue with the full version of Bassbar on one side and Odissey March on the other. nice fat 45pm pressing.
      • 808-MAN's avatar
        No track on this EP comes close to the bomb BASSBAR NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL. Mental track!. Dreamscape 92 in the house.
        • danisfall's avatar
          Anyone know why Bassbar was re-edited? . . . . .
          • shooms's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago

            Just ran Bassbar ACV original & white vinyl reissue side & side & there ARE differences:

            Firstly the reissue is not as loud or 'warm' as the ACV original.
            Secondly (& critically) it's a re-edit / abridged version:

            - The run time is 3:30 vs 5:10 on the original ACV release
            - The first drop / b-line solo at approx 50 seconds is missing / been chopped out
            - The entire scatty mad section from approx 1.53 - 2.33 seconds is missing / been chopped out!

            Given that most people would have bought the re-issue for Bassbar this is a MAJOR fuckup - whether by accident or design I don't know.
            • SEED78's avatar
              Long before Discogs I heard Bassbar on a random mix tape. I had ZERO way of identifying the track, so I used to play it over the phone to people in record shops round the county off my cheap tape player. This was 98', and obscure rave tracks were a hazy memory in the minds of ex-ravers who had grown up and had kids of their own - finding this was super difficult.

              After a few years of calling shops, finally - someone had a copy of the record for me, mint too. I've kept it ever since.

              Truly a special record - one every serous collector of 91-92 era rave/hardcore needs to have.

              So glad to see lots of appreciation on here for it.
              • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
                Jungle Techno. This may sound profound? But Leo is darkside Italia before UK dark side?
                • Drexciya2's avatar
                  Bassbar was immortalised by Top Buzz especially at Fantazia and will go down in History as a defining moment for The Rave Scene. The other standout track being "Universal" which samples 808 State's Pacific State ironically that track will be remembered for The Acid House Generation 1989.
                  • Bottin1995's avatar
                    You will see everyone here praising Bassbar, but the true gem is Universal. It is all opinion anyways, judge for yourself.
                    • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
                      Edited 7 years ago
                      Leo Anibaldi and Drexciya....... In the same studio... What an outcome that would have been!...Sorry I'm just dreaming again ;) ...
                      Ps BASSBAR effing rocks!....
                      JUNGLE-TECH KNOW straight outta ITALIA!!!
                      Bassssssline and tough as nails breakbeat with hefty slices of menacing and ghostly techno banshee sounds!!!!!!!
                      And yes the other 5 tracks are mos'def worth the money paid....
                      Here is a guy who serves up 6..Yes 6 extremely great tracks....
                      Most other producers would probably have to produce a huge stack of tracks before they even got half way to sounding this good...Peace ;)
                      PERFECTO TECHNO LANGUAGE!!
                      • 8892sales's avatar
                        Edited 3 months ago
                        Bassbar is a great, great track. An utterly butchered short edit version was rereleased circa 2021/2022, pure rip-off. But I find it somewhat limiting to appreciate just one track from here since there are other nice tracks on this release too. By far the best release on ACV. I'm no breakbeat hardcore purist or a techno purist for that matter but I do like my quality techno and acid as well especially from this particular era. Which this 12" surely contains in droves.

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