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On 1 CrewLet Em Ave It E.P


Inner Sensation
Bad Dreams
The Shuffle

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2 versions
Cover of Let Em Ave It E.P, 1993-02-01, VinylLet Em Ave It E.P
12", EP
Bump Records – BUST 3UK1993UK1993
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Cover of Let Em 'Ave It EP, 1993, VinylLet Em 'Ave It EP
12", Promo, White Label, EP
Bump Records – BUST 3UK1993UK1993
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junglist_massive's avatar
If anyone is selling this magnificent piece for a human price hit me up.

I would pay a lot of money for it but def not 200 bucks.

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Keeping Vinyl Alive and Parallax Recordings join forces to repress Bad Dreams. Additionally the 4-track vinyl will include a so far unreleased Remix of Bad Dreams and two unreleased gems from 94 and 95, namely "Dreams Of Java (Different Story) " and "Looking 4 Love". Put your pre-orders in here:
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Mint.. i was with Chris and phil when bukem played Bad Dreams at club dreamscape at the edge..
they were extatic..
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Edited 9 years ago
Bad dreams what a tune! Another top Old Skool/Hardcore tune from the wild west city of Bristol !So very under-rated. I never hear anyone playing this EP these days, perhaps it's rarer than Rocking-Horse shite or maybe undiscovered. I used to smash the one on Pulse 90.6FM back in 1993. Bad Dreams Samples a girls voice from the movie Aliens 1 "She doesn't have bad dreams coz she's a peice of plastic.A must for the true Old Skool hardcore enthusiast ;)!