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GescomThe Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used


Go Sumo7:28
Go Sheep8:30

Credits (3)

  • Rikk
    Artwork By
  • Openmind
    Open Mind*
    Cover [Graff Editors Supplying Cover]
  • Gescom
    Written-By [Writing], Producer [Produktion]


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3 versions
Cover of The Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used, 1995-08-21, VinylThe Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used
12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Clear – CLR408UK1995UK1995
Cover of The Sound Of Machines Our Parents Used, 1995, VinylThe Sound Of Machines Our Parents Used
12", White Label, Promo
Clear – CLR408UK1995UK1995
Cover of The Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used, 2005-11-00, FileThe Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used
3×File, FLAC, EP, Reissue
Clear – CLR408UK2005UK2005


Chris_3D's avatar
Do any proper digitals of this actually exist? Instead of the vinyl rip.
Numanoid's avatar
Edited one year ago
Go Sheep must be a derailing of Autechre's Basscadet (Tazmx). Go Sheep is like Tazmx played at half speed.
loriloopsen's avatar
Is "Go Sheep" here an edit of the original version of the 12" pressing (27 seconds shorter)?
scherben's avatar
The cover pays homage to some of the graf kings who were active in Manchester in the 80s and 90s. There are some real legends on there.
Franklin's avatar
Edited 17 years ago
One of Autechre's Gescom collective's finest moments - three tracks that straddled the duo's period between dance floor accessibility and MSP-inspired electronic geekery, The Sounds of Machines updates Kraftwerk's legacy with stunningly original results that haven't aged in the 10 years since it was produced.
'Puzl' sounds like 'Metal on Metal', all hissing machinery and otherworldy percussion. 'Go Sumo' is possibly the group's most listener-friendly outing to date, a shimmering electro track, while 'Go Sheep' takes the former track's main melody and twists it round slo-mo midnight dub kickdrums.
blipseed's avatar
The clear vinyl version of Sounds of Machines does not actually exist, despite being listed in some discographies...
mas_cosas's avatar
Puzl makes judicious use of Cybotron's Clear (it also inspired the name of the label), a seminal tune from back in the day that many believe kicked off the whole electronic music shebang in the first place. Thank you, Juan Atkins.