Thin Ice8:24
On The Job10:50
Take Me Baby3:58
Bremen Cowboy7:51
Add This Song11:35

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    Cover of 24/7, 2009-09-14, CD24/7
    CD, Album, Digipak
    Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD 73, Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD73Germany2009Germany2009
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    Cover of 24/7, 2009-09-15, Vinyl24/7
    2×12", Album; CD, Album
    Kompakt – KOM 197Germany2009Germany2009
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    Cover of 24/7, 2009-09-14, File24/7
    6×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Kompakt – noneWorldwide2009Worldwide2009
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    Cover of 24/7, 2009, CD24/7
    CD, Album
    Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD 73, Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD73, Algorythmik Records – ALG041
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    Cover of 24/7, 2009-09-14, CD24/7
    CD, Album
    Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD73, Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD 73Germany2009Germany2009
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    Cover of 24/7, 2009-09-14, CD24/7
    CD, Album
    Smekkleysa – SM156CDIceland2009Iceland2009
    New Submission
    Cover of 24/7, 2009, CD24/7
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Kompakt (2) – KOMPAKT CD 73, Kompakt (2) – KOMPAKT CD73Russia2009Russia2009
    New Submission
    CD, Album
    Kompakt – OTLCD-1267, Octave Lab – OTLCD-1267Japan2009Japan2009
    New Submission
    Cover of 24/7, 2014, CD24/7
    CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak
    No Paper Records – R47Poland2014Poland2014
    New Submission
    Cover of 24/7, , Vinyl24/7
    2×12", Album, Reissue
    Kompakt – KOM 197GermanyGermany
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    • itchyring's avatar
      has been restocked on but instead with DL code and no CD
      • scoundrel's avatar
        Gus Gus moves to the Kompakt camp with their latest, 24/7, but if anything, it almost feels like a return to their earliest album, POLYESTERDAY. The extended grooves are back (this time with more minimal techno than trip-hop), but this won't come as a surprise to those who follow Gus Gus' remixing efforts. Indeed, they're much darker here than on any of their earlier efforts: "Hateful" is a deep, funky war song, while "Thin Ice" exhorts people to dance rather dangerously. Daníel Ágúst makes a welcome return as the main vocalist, as well. The extended grooves are a bit too extended, however, seeming to peter out in acid lines and dub effects around the halfway mark. Jimi Tenor's "Take Me Baby" gets a much shorter workout here, but if you consider how it segues into "Bremen Cowboy," it's almost another long track by itself. "Add This Song" continues this tradition: good, but perhaps overly long...
        • habre's avatar
          i've the version with label sm156cd, bought in Iceland.
          • fabriknos's avatar
            I have to disagree with the gushing praise from the previous reviewer. Impressive, stunning, edgy, brilliant, amazing? This album feels like an excuse for Kompakt to release a bunch of minimal from its artists; just look at the three remix singles. Gus Gus is always unique, I will give them that, but this trendy minimal/tech house sound does not suit them. All that dub delay in every track can't hide what is essentially mediocre dance music. What little "amazing sound tricks" I hear are totally overshadowed by uninteresting synth sounds and song structures.

            Gus Gs vs. T-World was actually a great foray into the techno world - very believable, engaging and creative - but 24/7 completely lacks that impact. I suppose if you like minimal, especially with vocals, you'll like this, but I have to have more meat in my dance music.
            • Crijevo's avatar
              Edited 6 years ago
              Since they turned towards ear-splitting dance music with "Attention" in 2001, Gus Gus seem to feel quite comfortable in their own, real cool world. Both successors to "Attention" - "Forever" (2007) and the latest effort called "24/7" are no less different; this is edgy dance music to squeeze the body its last drop of sweat. However, while the group's newly established dance-phase remains technically brilliant and appealing, there is very little to relate to in terms of listening. Some find it reasonably disappointing, that such a creative force, once delivering an eclectic masterpiece called "Polydistortion", are now slaves to their own self-indulgence, imprisoned in the dancefloor frame.

              If only the songs were half as short, the effect would be way more impressive. This way, it more tires than fascinates - most of the album kicks off to great effect but halfway down, it becomes just tedious exercise.

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