For Those Who Never Dream4:39
Leading To The One2:50
Fiend Or The Fix4:30
Sun Child0:43
Outbreak (Extended Solo Version)5:24
Land Loop0:33
Shades Of Orange4:24
Green Means5:27
Sixth Sense6:04
Planets Ain't Aligned (Oscillations Version)4:49
Syde Tryps4:03
Tone Therapy3:59
Inner Eye4:46
Faces Of The Deep4:13

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    Cover of Soulmates, 2000, CDSoulmates
    Ubiquity – URCD061US2000US2000
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    Cover of Soulmates, 2000, VinylSoulmates
    2×LP, Album
    Catskills Records – RIDLP005UK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Soulmates, 2000-08-22, VinylSoulmates
    2×LP, Album
    Ubiquity – URLP 061US2000US2000
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Soulmates, 2000, CDSoulmates
    Catskills Records – RIDCD005UK2000UK2000
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Soulmates, 2001, CDSoulmates
    CD, Album
    Ubiquity – CRCL-8849Japan2001Japan2001
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    • Joes-Garage's avatar
      I have a test pressing of this for any interested collectors message me
      • scoundrel's avatar
        Edited 18 years ago
        West Coast-based Nobody works firmly in the Dublab vein of sample-based hip-hop, and on his debut, SOULMATES, shows his delicacy and moody grace. “For Those Who Never Dream” drifts along in a thick miasma of sound. The sonic density and layering of tracks like “Outbreak” or “Sixth Sense” present a complex beauty, reminiscent of DJ Shadow’s work. And though I’m not a fan of MCs, the poetic “Fiend of the Fix” and the outer space funk of “Planets Ain’t Aligned” aren’t too bad (though “Faces of the Deep” isn’t too good, either). The bass-driven “Syde Tryps” traverse jazzier territory with some Middle Eastern-tinged woodwinds. A beguiling debut.
        • iamsiddhartha's avatar
          Edited 19 years ago
          This album was ahead of its time. Those who are soon to cop the style of David Holmes (think Ocean's 11) with the "new sound of cool" should take notes from this album. David Holmes's problem is repitition. It is the same problem that plagued DJ Shadow--it will not be listened to by successive generations for any sort of creative genius. Shadow layed ground work for a style that has since been perfected. Holme's style (the new cool) is on pace to be the same type of figure in a genre that's new to us. Nobody on the other hand, is very creative in another sense. He is a creative perfector. Hopefully that gives you an idea of where this album stands. If dissonance isn't your thing then stray away from this album. It is however, very beautifully used--i say give it a shot. This album is flawed, namely the last track on the record. He should have left it off. I say buy it and before you listen to it make a copy minus the last track. The ending would be perfect. All of the rap is good minus 1 stanza of 1 song, which i hate (Friend or Fix 3:00-3:30). Delete that also. So, if you're diggin those Ocean's 11 bass lines, you're a fan of downtempo, you want something creative/hip hoppish/and jazzy--then check this out; it's phat.

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