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Politicians And Paedophiles4:31
Beats, Bombs, Bass, Weapons3:18
Live And Learn4:43
Thief Of Dreams5:20
Run The Place Red4:50
Night Steppa5:27
Some Days4:57
Fuck Y-Self4:32
Living Dub5:50

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Cover of Pressure, 2003, CDPressure
CD, Album
Rephlex – CAT 134 CDUK2003UK2003
Cover of Pressure, 2003, VinylPressure
2×LP, Album
Rephlex – CAT 134 LPUK2003UK2003
Cover of Pressure, 2003-04-00, CDPressure
CD, Album
Tigerbeat6 – MEOW076US2003US2003
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Cover of Pressure, 2003, VinylPressure
2×LP, Album
Klein Records – KL 044Europe2003Europe2003
Recently Edited
Cover of Pressure, 2003, CDPressure
CD, Album
Klein Records – KLCD 044Europe2003Europe2003
Cover of Pressure, 2003-04-15, FilePressure
12×File, AAC, Album
256 kbit/s
Klein Records – noneUK2003UK2003
New Submission
Cover of Pressure, 2003-04-14, CDrPressure
CDr, Album, Promo
Klein Records – noneGermany2003Germany2003
New Submission
2×LP, Album, Promo, White Label
Rephlex – CAT 134 LPUK2003UK2003
New Submission
Cover of Pressure, 2004, CDPressure
CD, Album
P-Vine Records – PCD-22080Japan2004Japan2004
New Submission
Cover of Pressure, 2007-10-30, FilePressure
12×File, FLAC, Album
Tigerbeat6 – MEOW076US2007US2007
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StarTrek666's avatar
Edited 6 months ago
Surprised it is still not being repressed. Kevin has been putting out some weak records so far. This recording stands out and needs to be repressed with a new cover art.
noizstepper's avatar
years ago I bought this one due to panacea recomanded it as the best statements to breakcore, that he could imagine.
In my opinion this has not much in common with breakcore at all, but with finest ragga dancehall stuff.
I like this even more than the london zoo work, which is also a conviencing piece of music, but pressure kicks ass a bit more. There are chilling grooves as well as noisy tunes on it, which are bit more rythm driven as the tracks on london zoo.
scoundrel's avatar
Dancehall never sounded so rough as it does with The Bug's _Pressure_, a hyper-aggressive burst of vocals and beats. Even if "Politicans and Paedophiles" starts out rather simply, with Daddy Freddy’s layered vocals and a drumbeat, the percussion accumulates gradually throughout until it becomes a wall of rhythm. Paul St. Hilare offers a slightly more sedate vision for "Live and Learn" and "Some Days," though the gruffness of the music still persists. Daddy Freddy reappears for "Run the Place Red," where his voice takes on a ominous growl, even without the benefit of The Bug’s rumbling production. "Night Steppa"” has a more of a 4/4 beat to it, though this in no way makes it less exciting; indeed, the quasi-political lyrics deliver more of a punch. And let’s just say that the lyrics of "Fuck Y~self" are self-explanatory. But for the perfect blend of scary beats and menacing lyrics, nothing can quite top “Killer,” a menacing track complete with freakish yelps and screams. Tough, but fair.
zaneofcawdor's avatar
Edited 9 years ago
I love this, definitely The Bug's best work to date. It flows well as an album, there are no weak tracks. It works so well partly because there is a very nice balance between the tough ragga tracks like "Killer" and "F*ck Y-Self", and the deeper/slightly more chilled tracks such as "Living Dub" and "Superbird". The Roger Robinson tracks are hidden gems. An album at once deep and heavy. Fans of Kode9/Spaceape, Soundmurderer, Ambush records etc. should check out this release. The Razor X lp is not as good as this, but still worth a look if Pressure leaves you wanting something with even more noise.
Edited 16 years ago
'Pressure' was revolutionary by dancehall and electronic music standards. Kevin Martin's powerful work in projects like Techno Animal and Ice paved the way for this radical, brutal album, where talented Jamaicans flow and roar over his devastating bass shattering beats. The feverish pace of Daddy Freddy on tracks like "Run The Place Red" and "Politicians & Paedophiles" make his contributions a cut above the rest, though Wayne Lonesome comes close on the sick "Fuck Y-Self." Essential listening.
lukeeluke's avatar
Edited 10 years ago
Post-rave dancehall, bass assault, noise. He-Man monkey screaching (#11). Zaps your booty with Basic Channel dub poetry interludes by Roger Robinson (#3,8,12). Exploding jungle insertions placed perfectly (#2-4). Who knew that political scantilizing of ragga/grime could not sound shallow.
cchocjr's avatar
Edited 17 years ago
This is an amazing release featuring experimental dancehall production that varies from hard to insanely aggressive. The vocals follow the same variation, from spoken word to singing to, for the bulk of the album (and my favorite tracks) hard-as-nails ragga MCing. Tracks such as "Killer" and "Executor," well, hell, they're all outstanding. Fans of dub and jungle will likely enjoy this fare. I play it for my friends, though, and they are scared.
ryanhupp's avatar
I have yet to hear a convincing explanation of what the hell "illbient" is, but this sounds nothing like the inventor of that genre label, DJ Spooky. If there isn't a "ragga" style option, there really ought to be...

Anyways, this is hard, loud electronics with reggae vocals. Very, very good, and containing the original "Run the Place Red" track remixed on Aphex Twin's <i>Smojphace</i> EP.