Creation RebelLows & Highs

Style:Roots Reggae, Dub


Independent Man (Pts. 1/2)
Rebel Party
A Reasoning
No Peace
Love I Can Feel
Rubber Skirt (Pts. 1/2/3)
Creation Rebel
Creative Involvements

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    Cover of Lows & Highs, 1982, VinylLows & Highs
    LP, Album
    Cherry Red – B RED 33UK1982UK1982
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    Cover of Lows & Highs, 1983-09-00, CassetteLows & Highs
    Cassette, Album, Stereo
    AKACCI audio visual inc – GAM-831125AJapan1983Japan1983
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    Cover of Lows & Highs, 1988, VinylLows & Highs
    LP, Album, Reissue, White
    Trance Records – TCLP 4.00608 JGermany1988Germany1988
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    Cover of Lows & Highs, 1991-08-00, CDLows & Highs
    CD, Album, Reissue
    On-U Sound – CD BRED 33, Cherry Red – CD BRED 33UK1991UK1991
    Cover of Lows & Highs, 2022, VinylLows & Highs
    LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Lantern Rec. – LANR010Europe2022Europe2022
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    Lows & Highs
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
    The Theory Is Sound Project – CDREAL0108062RussiaRussia
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    Cover of Lows & Highs, , VinylLows & Highs
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Cherry Red – B RED 33UKUK
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    • DubwiseVinyl's avatar
      A welcome reissue from Lantern Records of the final album from Adrian Sherwood's much loved Creation Rebel project which was originally released in 1982 on Cherry Red Records. As you'd expect with the quality of musicians involved here and Sherwood at the controls this is absolute class all the way with maybe a slightly more traditional reggae approach than some of the more experimental previous Creation Rebel records.

      Having said that as ever with Sherwood at the helm there are always plenty intriguing dubwise side turns to keep you on your toes as displayed by the 10 minute jazz-dub-roots instrumental epic 'Rubber Skirt.' Also worthy of mentioning that this reissue includes the superb "Read And Learn' as a bonus track which was previously only available on the flip of the "Love I Can Feel" 7".

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