ColdcutBeats + Pieces


Beats + Pieces (Mo' Bass Remix)6:00
Beats + Pieces (Edit)3:00
More Beats5:00

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    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 1987-05-00, VinylBeats + Pieces
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition
    Ahead Of Our Time – AHED 1201UK1987UK1987
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    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 1987, VinylBeats + Pieces
    12", Limited Edition, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Ahead Of Our Time – CCUT 1A, Ahead Of Our Time – CCUT 1GUK1987UK1987
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    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 1987, VinylBeats + Pieces
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Ahead Of Our Time – CCUT 1UK1987UK1987
    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 1987-10-29, VinylBeats + Pieces
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Test Pressing
    Ahead Of Our Time – CCUT1GUK1987UK1987
    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 1987, CDBeats + Pieces
    CD, Single
    Ahead Of Our Time – CCUT 1CDUK1987UK1987
    New Submission
    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 1988, VinylBeats + Pieces
    Max Beat Muzik – BEAT 1France1988France1988
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    Cover of Beats + Pieces, 2008, VinylBeats + Pieces
    7", Unofficial Release
    Ahead Of Our Time – CCUT 7120082008
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    • Big-Beat-Beddy's avatar
      Edited one month ago
      Using the break-beat from Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks", Coldcut created a US-style instrumental hip hop track that showcased their impressive turntablist skills, including the novel, irreverent scratching up of classical music (Vivaldi's "Spring"). The focus is very much on the hefty break, which alternates between different samples of alternative '70s funk (mainly Afrique's "House of The Rising Funk", Eddie Bo's "We're Doin' It" and Wild Magnolias' "Soul, Soul, Soul"), and is peppered with an array of funky vocals (e.g., James Brown on "Make It Funky" and "Escape-ism"). This 1987 formula of beefed-up break-beats, turntablism, eclectic sampling and vocal snippets was a huge influence on the development of breakbeat music and paved the way for '90s big beat. ★★★★☆
      • skev's avatar
        There is also a white label version of this release with the AHEAD 1201 matrix run out groove
        • therealsubwaybaby's avatar
          This is the bible of all things cut to perfection !!! ... Might be one of my most treasured 12s !! ... Back in the day when sampling was all about the music & the groove !! ... No money involved ... This is one of the few records that will sound futuristic in 2025 ... Stop & listen !! ... // Tommy
          • pp15doodoo's avatar
            Edited 18 years ago
            This is the original release of this incredible cut and paste tune. I'm fairly certain that this pressing is the thickest piece of vinyl that I own - as for the music, the whole thing is just incredible - the highlight for me being the scratch up of 'The Four Seasons'.

            Derek B used the b side to good effect cutting up transformer style for 'Bad Young Brother'.
            • BunnyRabbit's avatar
              This is the rarer vesrion (as far as I can tell) of the B&P 12"s with the edit and More Beats mixes of the original replaced by by That Greedy Beat. A less dense effort than B&P this track is still very good stuff but never seems to have the punch on it's own that the A-side manages. It's best used in the mix as heard on the 70 Minutes Of Madness JDJ mix CD.
              • BunnyRabbit's avatar
                Probably the best cut-up Coldcut have ever done. Featuring: the break from Led Zep's When The Levee Breaks; wah-wah guitar from Afique's House of The Rising Funk; Scratched up Vivaldi; Tom Baker as Doctor Who "Alright. Just One More Time" and much, much more. The Mo' Bass Remix is the extended workout where the edit is more concise. Finally More beats just leaves the Led Zep break with the occasional James Brown sample for fun. Never tired of this in 15 years.

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