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Florian T M Zeisig - Music For Parents album cover

Florian T M ZeisigMusic For Parents



Dad Is Painting Again10:40
Dip Pool11:36
Apiary (Bonus Track)10:12
Smoking By The Pond (Bonus Track)7:55

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3 versions
Cover of Music For Parents, 2021-02-02, FileMusic For Parents
6×File, WAV, Album
Métron Records – MTR007Germany2021Germany2021
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Cover of Music For Parents, 2021-02-02, CDrMusic For Parents
CDr, Album, Limited Edition
Métron Records – MTR007CDGermany2021Germany2021
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Cover of Music For Parents, 2021-02-02, VinylMusic For Parents
LP, Album, Limited Edition
Métron Records – MTR007Germany2021Germany2021
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RossBrewer's avatar
Lovely record, with beautiful tunes that slowly swell and subtly morph throughout their extended run times. Despite being so relaxing, each track really draws you in and keeps attention levels high.

This commonly finds its way to the turntable and feels like a nice cosy hug from someone familiar. Well worth reading about this record on the bandcamp page/outer sleeve etc too as it has a lovely concept and really adds value to the great music within.

On the subject of the cover, the rear seems to pay homage and emulate the feedback and reviews on the covers of the fantastic Environments series by Irv Teibel, with the same crowded plethora of typefaces and colours describing vague compliments and observations around what was pressed to the records . Well worth going and checking them out, at the very least for some of the hilarious bits of text on them, that some have said were actual feedback on initial copies of the releases and others have said were just Irv flexing his sense of humour through design.

Anyway, back to this release; grab a copy, get horizontal and soak up every moment. By the time the record is over, you’ll feel blissful.
hyldypi's avatar
Love this record, 10 copies left from the label of the vinyl, don't get fooled by these ridiculous prices!
saidanddone's avatar
Stunning, breathtaking even. Not only one of the best of the year, but sure to be an ambient classic.