7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy Edit)3:39
7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy Mix)10:02
7:7 Expansion (Nutritious Mix)6:46
7:7 Expansion (Double Edged Sword Mix)10:10

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    Cover of 7:7 Expansion, 1993-02-01, CD7:7 Expansion
    CD, Single
    Big Life – BFLD 2, Weird And Unconventional Records – BFLD 2, Big Life – BFLD2, Weird And Unconventional Records – BFLD2UK1993UK1993
    Cover of 7:7 Expansion, 1993-02-01, Vinyl7:7 Expansion
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Big Life – BFLT 2, Weird And Unconventional Records – BFLT 2UK1993UK1993
    Cover of 7:7 Expansion, 1993-01-18, Vinyl7:7 Expansion
    12", Promo, 45 RPM
    Big Life – SYSTEM PROMO 1UK1993UK1993
    Cover of 7:7 Expansion, 1993, CD7:7 Expansion
    CD, Single
    Big Life – 861 707-2UK & Europe1993UK & Europe1993
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    Cover of 7:7 Expansion, 1993, Vinyl7:7 Expansion
    Big Life – 861 707-1UK & Europe1993UK & Europe1993
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    • Bibeaux's avatar
      For me A1: Conspiracy mix does the trick on this record. Endless loops, wicked samples; great build up. Just wow.
      I have not recorded the duration but roughly 7 minutes of pure eye closing pleasure. Love it 10/10!
      • MrZyc
        This beautiful vinyl.
        • mjb's avatar
          Edited 7 years ago
          This single is one of System 7's best, a somewhat catchy progressive house/trance track from the style's golden age. Youth and Tony Thorpe's mixes all sound about the same as the album version, but Greg Hunter's deep, deep "Double Edged Sword" trance mix is a droney, psychedelic masterpiece, completely different and definitely aimed at the head, not the feet.

          One minor nitpick, though: The album version is an early fade-out of the Conspiracy Mix, but has a longer, faded-in intro. The Conspiracy Mix on this CD single has a sloppily truncated intro, but doesn't fade out early.

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