Disc I - Soundscape
Acid RockersExploring Delta Dub7:32
Stelios VassiloudisAlone4:39
BeticalIcon (Reincarnation)3:26
Hannes Bieger Feat. Juan HansenBurn Your Love (Synthapella)6:13
Satoshi Fumi & Ian O'DonovanRising (Ambient Mix)4:48
Josh WinkNew Years Day Acid (Beat-less Reprise)5:11
Guy Mantzur & KhenMy Golden Cage (Kasper Koman 6AM Reprise)7:14
Satoshi FumiManis (Firmament Mix)5:14
LopezhouseLong Rain6:14
Luke Brancaccio, Gai Barone & Kiki CaveWe Live Electric (Dub Mix)7:22
Dave Walker (5)Embrace5:51
ColoursoundFly With Me (T_Mo & Luke Brancaccio Downtempo Remix)3:30
QuivverNothing New To Feel (No Beats Mix)5:54
Disc II - Tempo
John Digweed & Nick MuirStand Still3:29
BurakiGreen Lake4:32
EdOne (2) Feat. Martin Herrs & SantanamusiqueMorning Flight5:35
Remcord*Soul Plane5:08
Dino LennySweet Paranoia7:08
Acid RockersExploring Delta Nine7:36
Mono Electric OrchestraSpace Bass6:11
Dino LennyDance The Blues5:07
blaktone & Florian KruseSaat4:48
ColoursoundFly With Me (Luke Brancaccio & Nolan Remix)4:03
Jim RiversAster3:46
Aubrey FryHard5:01
Robert BabiczAni7:07
Disc III - Redux
Stelios VassiloudisRust (Breaks Mix)4:57
John Digweed & Nick MuirForge (Kohra Remix)6:13
Tigerhook* Presents Randall JonesBeautiful Thang (Bushwacka Remix)5:37
Science Dept.*Persuasion (Chris Fortier Remix)6:24
BedrockBeautiful Strange (Lost Desert Remix)4:24
Guy Mantzur & KhenMy Golden Cage (Kasper Koman 6AM Remix)5:44
John Digweed & Nick MuirStand Still (Lopezhouse Remix)7:17
Emerson*, Digweed*, Muir*Tracer (Ian O'Donovan Dawn Mix)4:55
John Digweed & Nick MuirRaise (Quivver Remix)4:54
John Digweed & Nick MuirSatellite (Satoshi Fumi Remix)6:28
Miles Atmospheric Feat. The ApparitionCalling You Out (Josh Wink Paradise Dub)6:06
QuivverDon't Say Anything (Skanna Remix)5:20
Disc IV - Juxtaposition
Robert BabiczFree Fall3:27
Robert BabiczPur Pur2:45
Robert BabiczWonderforest6:22
Robert BabiczBizzarre Color Bending6:01
Robert BabiczWalking With Closed Eyes7:33
Robert BabiczFocus On The Light3:20
Robert BabiczResonance4:28
Robert BabiczWater Mirrors5:55
Robert BabiczLove Tree9:11
Robert BabiczFuture City4:59
Robert BabiczWorld Of Distance4:47
Robert BabiczViolett Nights5:44

Credits (2)


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    Cover of Quattro II, 2020-12-00, VinylQuattro II
    5×12", Album, Test Pressing, White Label
    Bedrock Records – noneUK2020UK2020
    New Submission
    Cover of Quattro II, 2021-02-26, VinylQuattro II
    5×12", Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Bedrock Records – BEDQUATIIVIN - 1/2/3/4/5UK2021UK2021
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    Cover of Quattro II, 2021-02-26, CDQuattro II
    4×CD, Limited Edition, Mixed, Numbered
    Bedrock Records – BEDQUATIICD, Bedrock Records – 5024545921021UK2021UK2021
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    Cover of Quattro II, 2021-02-26, CDQuattro II
    4×CD, Mixed
    Bedrock Records – BEDQUATIICDUK2021UK2021
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    • jack290604's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Anyone who says modern Tech House isn't tuneful or melodic any more - take a listen to this compilation. It really does hark back to the golden era of Prog House with all the beauty of the present day bolted on. Uplifting in many places (My Golden Cage, Satellite), it really is a treat for the eardrums. It'll be worth £300 in a year or two ;)
      • tickler's avatar
        Ordered through the Bedrock Store, a huge disappointment. Not the music, which is absolutely great, but the editions I received.

        Pre-ordered signed CD box and 5x12” but they got shipped just after Brexit, so hefty custom fees to pay.
        Paid the whole thing again, but I understand TM Stores cannot be blamed for that.
        They have send me damaged copies, the print on the sleeves of the CD box as on the 12” as well began peeling off the moment i removed the shrinkwrap. Contacted the store, the only thing they could say of course… send everything back… so again i would have to pay hefty export fees, with no refund at all.
        I did not return them, but i paid a total of almost 170 euro for the whole transaction.
        Quite disappointed about their quality control, and will never order again from their website.
        • oakantheath1's avatar
          Another immense Bedrock release, I believe the Label is in a Golden era.
          The roster of artists on the label and indeed featured on this cd is testament to a label operating at the highest level and bringing out the very best of their artists.
          Outstanding release.
          • crazyaejay's avatar
            Anyone else's slipcase peeling at the edges? I barely touched mine and it looks like it's been through the wringer.
            • Progressive99's avatar
              Pure gem. Sound is Simply breath taking.
              I was waiting over a month to receive record. Payed VAT and custom fees but i dont regret. For everyone who is thinking about purchase better buy in bedrock Store because in some time prices Will be sky high.
              • Mbeute's avatar
                Amazing album again by Diggers, who deserves much respect for keeping this high level of quality and innovation throughout the years. Excellent!
                • thomasfrancis's avatar
                  Just got my signed copy (0488/1000) after paying an extra 35 euro in taxes due to Brexit but it is quite simply one of the most breathtaking collections of electronic music ever put out. Absolutely no regrets. The first track (Tigerhook remixed by Bushwacka!) is probably worth the price of the whole package alone. Truly impressive. It is going to take me a while to fully absorb how good these tracks are.
                  • spcook31's avatar
                    Dead quiet, dynamic beautiful pressing. Simple, but high-quality packaging - excellent release. Each and every side of this is a joy to listen to. Sure to be a highly sought-after release from a true legend.
                    • jaked67's avatar
                      Yeah A Classic for sure, Bedrock has long been a favourite label for me, well that and all my other favourite labels! lol, but Bedrock is one of those labels that you can rely on and know that a new release is going to be good, I'm sort of glad that when I first started buying Bedrock records that I hadn't decided to start collecting every release! haha Probably would have had to sell what I'd got to pay off the debt I'd got myself into!!!
                      I kind of feel bad for anybody who really want this on vinyl, If they want it that bad though, it looks like they are gonna have to PAY for it, I see there's already someone selling one for $10,000 😲 Madness!!!!
                      • toobob1's avatar
                        A future classic up there with the best that bedrock has to offer and sounds so much better on vinyl by a long long way

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