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    Break Dreams (Single-Mix)3:50
    Break Dreams (Flying-High-Mix)5:26
    Break Dreams (Original Mix)6:26

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    Cover of Break Dreams, 1994, CDBreak Dreams
    CD, Maxi-Single
    Collapse – COL 0001-8Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Break Dreams, 1994, VinylBreak Dreams
    12", White Label
    Collapse – COL 0001-12Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Break Dreams, 1994, VinylBreak Dreams
    Collapse – COL 0001-12Germany1994Germany1994
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    • adylee's avatar
      well i thought the same with the sadness feel to the melody very unique not sure why the low rating i quite like the track ;)
      • VelktronDJ's avatar
        Edited 10 years ago
        A very rare single with a dreamy and melancholic feeling, very rare for this music genre, and which in my opinion can only be -remotely- compared with U96's "Club Bizarre". I had the luck of listening to the extremely rare Single Mix back in late 1994, played back from one of the few compilations where it ever appeared (Hit Box 5 by FM Records, the 2x CD edition) over the radio, and I was immediately raptured, even though I didn't know the exact track name or artist.

        Almost 20 years later, I found it again, and had a chance of listening to it again along with its other mixes. The Single Mix is definitively the most radio-friendly (but also the rarer to find), and contains a typical trance/progressive rhythmic structure coupled with trance/goa effects and lead female vocals, exhibiting considerable variations and transitions between parts in just 4 minutes. The vocals, while present, are clearly secondary to the main melody, and have a haunting/distant quality to them.

        The result is a track with a unique feeling and character which is not easily forgotten, perhaps only comparable with Club Bizzarre from U96 (which came after Break Dreams, and I wouldn't rule out that it was at least partially inspired by it, as some melodies sound uncannily similar). The Flying High mix is essentially an extended version of the Single Mix, while the Original Mix is almost entirely different in character, less rhythmed, even more melancholic and it is the only one that's purely instrumental, without the lead vocals. A good comparison would be with Dune's "I can't stop raving" original mix, which is starkly different to the radio/video/extended mixes.

        In all of the mixes, however, the most notable aspect is the melancholic melody, which is unusual in this musical genre, and is perhaps what turns some people off (then again, U96 pulled it off successfully with Club Bizarre...). For me, this is exactly what makes this track so unique.