The Dirty BabiesThe Dirty Babies

Style:Garage Rock, Punk


Bad Girls Go To Hell3:19
You Won't Like What You Find2:14
County Jail1:58
Experimental Medicine2:17
Bitch Reaction1:49
Drivin' Me Mad2:17
Up All Night1:49
Don't Make Me Show You My Dark Side2:57
Born To Be Weird2:21
Dying Every Day2:24
(I Freaked Out On) LSD2:55
I, Derelict2:20
You Won't Be Missed3:33
All Night Long2:49
Burn The Witch2:31

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    Cover of The Dirty Babies, 2005, VinylThe Dirty Babies
    LP, Album
    Wood Shampoo Records – SHAM 5US2005US2005
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    Cover of The Dirty Babies, 2005, CDThe Dirty Babies
    CD, Album
    Wood Shampoo Records – SHAM 5US2005US2005
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      Hi, this is Brew - former bassist for the Dirty Babies. Just wanted to add some info for this release. It was recorded and mixed in the fall of 2004, at The Bomb Shelter in North Las Vegas, NV - engineered by Adam ‘Bomb’ Segall and produced by Jaime Paul Lamb (uncredited) and myself (uncredited). It was released in both 12” vinyl and CD formats in spring 2005. The vinyl was mastered separately from the CD release, and has a more bass-heavy sound. There are still many copies in both formats available through Darren at Wood Shampoo Records. The album can also be accessed in digital format through Spotify and iTunes, though it is the CD master.

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