Born RuffiansMilkman / To Cure A Weakling Child5:30
Jimi TenorJapanese Electronics5:26
Maximo Park*When3:34
Tim ExileA Little Bit More4:04
RustieMidnight Drive3:39
Luke VibertLFO5:48
AutechreWhat Is House? (LFO Remix)4:26
Russell HaswellCabasa Cabasa4:51
Clark*So Malleable4:58
Diamond Watch WristsFool In Rain5:30
Hudson Mohawke ft. Wednesday NitePaint The Stars3:05
Mark Pritchard3/4 Heart7:13
Mira Calix With Oliver CoatesIn A Beautiful Place Out In The Country6:16
BibioKaini Industries3:41
Jamie LidellLittle Brother4:42
John CallaghanPhylactery5:35
GravenhurstI Found The F3:27
PlaidOn My Bus4:16

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    Cover of Warp20 (Recreated), 2009, CDrWarp20 (Recreated)
    2×CDr, Compilation, Promo
    Warp Records – noneUK2009UK2009
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    Cover of Warp20 (Recreated), 2009-09-28, CDWarp20 (Recreated)
    2×CD, Compilation
    Warp Records – WARPCD20¹UK2009UK2009
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    Cover of Warp20 (Recreated), 2009-09-16, CDWarp20 (Recreated)
    2×CD, Compilation
    Beat Records – BRC-242Japan2009Japan2009
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    • Starborough's avatar
      Edited 3 years ago
      Quite the mixed bag, but definitely including some really cool versions of classic warp tracks. My personal highlights, by Jimi Tenor, Rustie, Luke Vibert and Autechre, are all on cd1, but there are also some downright annoying tracks there. Be sure to skip the first track by Born Ruffians, as it really puts you off listening to the compilation. Disc 2 is a much more coherent affair, with all versions being on the folksy, indietronica side of things: gentle, introverted and melody-focused. No tracks really standing out, but a more pleasurable listening throughout.
      To sum it up: the highlights are on disc 1, disc 2 is nicer as a whole, but all in all this most def isn't the strongest compilation in the Warp catalogue.
      • elektr0bi's avatar
        What A Ridiculous Piece

        of crap
        (except tracks 1-7 and 2-10 which are little masterpieces)

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