Rolf WikströmBallader Och Bröl

Rolf Wikström - Ballader Och Bröl album cover


Klass Klass Klass4:17
Andra Sidan Viken4:21
Hela Mitt Liv3:59
Så Skönt, Så Skönt3:59
Det Kunde Blivit Bra5:53
Det Svåraste Jag Nånsin Gjort5:10
Få Ordning På Mitt Liv3:54
Ännu En Natt3:17
Ett Enskilt Rum På Sabbatsberg7:00
Bonus Track
Bara Ta Det Lugnt4:11

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    Cover of Ballader Och Bröl, 2021-04-16, CDBallader Och Bröl
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    Black Light Records – BLACK LIGHT CD 03Scandinavia2021Scandinavia2021
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    Cover of Ballader Och Bröl, 2021-04-16, VinylBallader Och Bröl
    LP, Limited Edition, Stereo, 180 g
    Black Light Records – BLACKLIGHT 03 LPScandinavia2021Scandinavia2021
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      Edited one year ago
      'Ballader och bröl' is pure magic, after 10 years of absence without leave from 72-year-old Roffe Wikström, probably the only Swedish working class hero and blues artist with a university B.A. Here's all the usual stuff, including a few relaxed and/or catchy, happy-go-lucky songs for a hopefully pandemic-free summer with a beer or a coffee out on town. Electric rocking blues by way of Mississippi and Chicago. Heartfelt lyrics and a deeply personal song of long lost love ('Det svåraste jag nånsin gjort' is a real tearjerker). All laced with his inimitable, smokey voice and excellent musicianship - and a surprising* cover of John Holm - Ett Enskilt Rum På Sabbatsberg (1971) with a guitar solo to die for...and don't miss the CD Bonus Track 'Bara ta det lugnt' with guest vocals by the great Lisa Lystam!

      *) Maybe not so surprising, considering John Holm spent two years in Rolf's mother's couch, practising before its initial release...

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