The The - Infected Want_the_best_copy

April 16, 2021
referencing Infected, LP, Album, Ltd, Tor, EPC 26770

Do we know how many were released in the limited edition 'Torture' sleeve?

The The - Infected as reviewed by mcalnd

September 24, 2020
referencing Infected, CD, Album, RE, RM, 5044662000, 504466 2
"24 Bit Digitally Remastered edition - Restored to reveal the full richness and complexity of the original recordings" - It's an absolute dog that'll make your ears bleed

The The - Infected DiabloGriffin

March 17, 2021
referencing Infected, CD, Album, RE, RM, 5044662000, 504466 2
Absolutely stick with the originals. All of the remasters are massively compressed and harsh.

The The - Infected suicidalmaniac

December 26, 2020
referencing Infected, CD, Album, RE, RM, 5044662000, 504466 2
Does "24 bit digitally remastered editions" of four THE THE albums sound good, or should I stick to my original releases? Thanks!

The The - Infected as reviewed by carlosrmanuel

July 17, 2020
referencing Infected, LP, Album, EPC 26770
This a very special record, excellent in every ways and with good memories.
Returned to this one after not listening it for a long time and was amazed by the quality of this pressing. I have this record in my collection for decades and not a single click, plop or surface noise after a good cleaning in the VRC machine. Lots of new and recent pressings are really below the quality of this Portuguese pressing, even after a good cleaning.

The The - Infected Only_Mint

March 23, 2020
referencing Infected, CD, Album, RP, CDEPC 26770
This is Absolutely the digital version that you want as not only is it fine-sounding (cf. the horrid '24-bit' remasterings), but it is the only version that I have heard that has the funky drum-intro to the 'Infected' title track -- note the difference in track-timing here, 4.48 vs. the 4.30 of the other Aus and UK releases.

This disc was so good that when I stupidly disposed of my copy after coming back from Australia in 1995 (which provides an upper bound to the date of this Undated release), the first thing that I did when I returned to Perth in 2002 was to pick up another copy. All other CD versions of this track (e.g., on the UK releases) pale in comparison. Just get it.

The The - Infected The_Gaijin

December 2, 2020
edited 5 months ago
referencing Infected, CD, Album, RP, CDEPC 26770
The original LP and CD have different mixes of both Infected and Sweet Bird Of Truth. Thanks for the tip on the Aussie repress - it seems to have the LP versions present.

The The - Infected Melvin_Magic

July 22, 2019
referencing Infected, LP, Album, EPC 26770
Promo Edition with in Bac Cover reference " Demonstraion Only - Not For Sale."

The The - Infected hallogwilo

January 9, 2019
referencing Infected, CD, Album, CD EPC 26770, CDCBS 26770
This release (Matrix: DIDP-10541 11A2 ++++) 'Manufactured by CBS/Sony Inc. in Japan' also with NO BARCODE printed on tray insert (or anywhere for that matter)
Suspect 1st Pressing from Japan

The The - Infected DhalgrensDiscs

April 29, 2018
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Agree with mw. Not really understanding the separate entry. Can these be merged?

The The - Infected mw.visser

April 20, 2018
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Why an entry apart from Infected? This should be part of Title entry.

The The - Infected snowbo

March 25, 2018
referencing Infected, LP, Album, 28·3P-788

Fantastic Production, very good Sound - so it have to be

The The - Infected patrik.forshage

November 11, 2017
referencing Infected, LP, Album, EPC 26770
My copy has 10" stencil insert with The The logo.

The The - Infected marco_a_fella

September 24, 2018
referencing Infected, LP, Album, EPC 26770
Would you like a Biscuit with that? Maybe a Rich Tea?

The The - Infected as reviewed by PatronSaintofScratch

June 26, 2017
referencing Infected, LP, Album, EPC 26770

This album came at a good time for me as I was looking for something different than the normal radio friendly music. An tight album of eight songs, Infected is gritty, grisly, and grandiose. Orchestration and some nice brass rumble under the songs about complex emotions. "Heatland" moans the advent of a capitalist England. "Angels of Deception" is a soldier of fortune's ideology about looking for money and war. In "Sweet Bird of Truth" he finds it. But with disillisionment and despair...

But it is the duet sung with Neenah Cherry "Slow Train to Dawn" that really captured me. A sick lovesong/hatesong about an affair going nowhere... or rather too far. "Mercy Beat" is a great driving song but a very sinister story of recklessness and desperation. Dark religious themes interplay throughout. It even lyric checks another song "Sweet Bird of Truth" then delivers the clasic line:

"So one day, I asked the angels for inspiration,
--but the devil bought me a drink,
& he's been buying them ever since."

In a way, Infected is a bit lounge, a bit rock, a bit soul and all these combine in menacing yet awe inspring ways.

The The - Infected as reviewed by vitbabenco

March 29, 2016
referencing Infected, CD, Album, EK 40471

Look Inside Yourself
Infected is the most complex The The album, every song on this album is arranged to the degree until it becomes almost too much. And lyrics-wise it is usual for Matt Johnson wallowing in the mess of his own feelings and merciless self-flagellation. "Here comes another winter of long shadows and high hopes. Here comes another winter, waiting for utopia, waiting for hell to freeze over". Saxes and trumpets, trombones and string orchestra, Steve Hodarth - who later will become the Marillion vocalist - plays nice piano on "Heartland" and "Twilight of Champion" starts with some stupendous baritone saxophone intro. So get "Infected" and ride this "Slow Train to Dawn" through "Heartland" making stops at "Angels of Deception", "The Mercy Beat" and the other stations.