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    Cover of Mono, 2009-09-23, VinylMono
    LP, Limited Edition
    OPN – OPN LP02France2009France2009
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    Cover of Mono, 2009-09-23, FileMono
    2×File, MP3, 192 kbps
    OPN – noneFrance2009France2009
    Cover of Mono, 2009, CDrMono
    CDr, Album, Promo
    OPN – noneFrance2009France2009
    Cover of Mono, 2012-08-23, CDrMono
    CDr, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue
    OPN – OPNCD0021France2012France2012
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      "Lambwool is the ambient project of French Cyril Laurent. After some albums, a split and various compilation tracks, he now has a vinyl release out on OPN.

      The release has two long tracks, one side each; ‘Mono Part 1’, around 15 minutes in length, and ‘Mono Part 2’, which is around 20 minutes in length. While the album might be called ‘Mono’, the listening experience is anything but mono. This is very soothing and layered ambient. Here and there the music has rhythms, but the overall tone is very relaxing and spherical. Some synth parts on ‘Mono Part 1’ reminds me a bit of Irezumi’s ‘Endurance’ album, a kind of soothing icy atmosphere, yet still very warm. ‘Mono Part 2’ has a more varied structure, with again soothing synth sounds, but also more orchestral elements. Here and there are even some bombastic structures and piano sounds. The album has a typical French ambient touch, which is hard to describe, but is an atmosphere I hear more over the last years from French ambient artists, even up to some of French film composer François-Eudes Chanfrault’s work. But the music can also be traced back to the German scene like the works of Tangerine Dream and Klause Schulze. It has that great analogue sound to it. It’s a great relaxing sound environment where you can immerse yourself into after a hard day’s work!

      Again a great release in these last moments of the year! For lovers of ambient artists like Irezumi or Asmorod, but also for fans of the likes of Tangerine Dream and Robert Rich, this one you shouldn’t pass you by. It’s even worth buying a vinyl player for it if you haven’t one anymore or never had. It’s that good!"

      By Fabian for GOTHTRONIC

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