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Style:Progressive Metal


Straight Lines
Head Mounted Sideways
24-Light Years
These Black Claws
Future Bird
Stone Leader Falling Down
Inside Your Fur

Credits (7)


Third studio album.


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7 versions
Cover of Witness, 2021-05-21, VinylWitness
LP, Album, Limited Edition
Black/White Splatter
Mascot Records (2) – M 7639 1Netherlands2021Netherlands2021
New Submission
Cover of Witness, 2021-05-21, VinylWitness
LP, Album, Limited Edition
Glow In The Dark
Mascot Records (2) – M 7639 1, Mascot Records (2) – M76391Netherlands2021Netherlands2021
New Submission
Cover of Witness, 2021-05-21, CDWitness
CD, Album
Mascot Records (2) – M 7639 2, Mascot Records (2) – M76392Netherlands2021Netherlands2021
New Submission
Cover of Witness, 2021-05-21, VinylWitness
LP, Album, Limited Edition
Black/White Marble
Mascot Records (2) – M 7639 1Netherlands2021Netherlands2021
New Submission
Cover of Witness (Creator Pack), 2021-06-29, FileWitness (Creator Pack)
63×File, FLAC, Album
Not On Label (VOLA Self-released) – none20212021
New Submission
Cover of Witness, 2021-05-21, FileWitness
9×File, FLAC, Album
Mascot Records (2) – none20212021
New Submission
Cover of Witness (Deluxe Edition), 2022-05-20, FileWitness (Deluxe Edition)
12×File, FLAC, Album, Deluxe Edition, Reissue
Mascot Records (2) – noneWorldwide2022Worldwide2022
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the_loch_nessa's avatar
Horrible noisy sounding record. I can’t even listen to this album which is such a shame because it’s my favorite release of 2021. A repress/reissue is badly needed.
ohwowitsadam's avatar
If you want a great looking record to look at, or collect Vola records, buy this. If you want a positive listening experience, avoid this.

This is an amazing album, totally let down by some of the worst sounding vinyl I’ve had the displeasure of listening to, even when compared to other coloured and picture vinyl. Mushy, haphazard mixing with boxy mids, swollen bass, and overshadowed treble leads to a very disappointing listening experience. A perfect example is the epic, symphonic keys in the chorus of These Black Claws getting completely lost to a sea of muddy and indistinguishable lows.

The vinyl also has so many imperfections out of the box it makes listening experience even worse. For example my side B came with an audible crackle, that I guess is from poor production quality, that can be heard on every revolution over the music. Another copy may be better, but I’m not about to spend more to find out. Avoid this for anything other than collection and display.
miso.pastva's avatar
Very bad sounding press...unfortunately...if i did not order from abroad I would claim my money back...very very not recommending...
Reevesii's avatar
Can definitely agree with people here in the comments. Through my monitors via iTunes this album is huuuge, but played on my SL-1500C and Sony amp, It's not as punchy, not by a long shot. Lots of surface noise which you wouldn't expect on a new record. Had to really crank it above what I'd normally would. It's alright to listen to I suppose. Hope they repress it better.
ascendic's avatar
Another confirmation that the sound is unfortunately flat and compressed. Lacks dynamics and vocals are often drowned out by the other instruments. This indicates either bad mixing for vinyl or the lack of it. Clearly a money grab and not worth the 2 months of delivery time suffered. I would recommend getting the WAV edition of the album on Bandcamp where the mixing is much better.
mushanga's avatar
Edited 3 months ago
Sadly I can confirm poor sound quality on this edition. Flat and compressed. This album deserves better. I feel sorry for the band.
rboncek's avatar
As per the other reviewer, I can confirm that this press is unfortunately fairly noisey. Even after a thorough cleaning and a couple plays its still noisey. Pretty disappointing given the solid mix on other platforms.
sebastiaanvandelaar's avatar
Too bad this album has such a bad mix. Really lacking in dynamics. Sounds flat and compressed.