Proton Kinoun ‎– Apeiron



Skyward Dreams 8:30
Silver Satellite 12:11
Peripheral System 5:50
Stars Wobbling... 8:49
...Life's Bubbling 10:35
Light Echoes 9:52
Illimitable 14:57

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OMNI 002 Proton Kinoun Apeiron(7xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Omnitropic OMNI 002 Canada 2009
none Proton Kinoun Apeiron(6xFile, MP3, Album, 128) Not On Label (Proton Kinoun Self-released) none Denmark 2008
OMNI 002 Proton Kinoun Apeiron(7xFile, FLAC, Album) Omnitropic OMNI 002 Canada 2009
OMNI 002 Proton Kinoun Apeiron(7xFile, WAV, Album) Omnitropic OMNI 002 Canada 2009
OMNI 002 Proton Kinoun Apeiron(CDr, Album) Omnitropic OMNI 002 Canada 2009 Sell This Version


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September 30, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
referencing Apeiron, CDr, Album, OMNI 002

Proton Kinoun "Apeiron" CDr

The sole protagonist behind Proton Kinoun project is Danish psychedelic trance producer Kasper Weensgaard, who is, I suppose, better known under his alias Psylent Buddhi. My knowledges about goa/psy trance movement are non-existing, so most likely "Apeiron" would pass my target, but fortunately I was pointed to Proton Kinoun's way by my very good friend "sonic-hypnosis" (big thanks to you again, Karel!!!). Originally released as 6-track download release in January, 2008, by Kasper Weensgaard, later, in November, 2009, reissued and remastered with bonus track and new artwork by Canadian Omnitropic label, a downtempo/ambient sub-label of Ektoplazm, a big netlabel and distributor of psytrance music. Even if Kasper's soundworlds are rooted to psytrance realms, Proton Kinoun is slightly "different cup of tea", it dives deeply into highly illuminating and hyper kinetic ambient soundscaping and missing this gem would be definitely a crucial mistake on my side. "Apeiron" strikes directly with absolutely stunning artwork of Orion Nebula images, created by Alexander Synaptic, in Toronto based visual and sound designer, the guy behind Ektoplazm, who is also acting as DJ Basilisk. And soon the visuals are precisely bridged by Kasper's exquisite soundsculpting on "Skyward Dreams", when entering into deeply droning magnificent and transporting sonic panoramas. Breathtaking celestial sceneries are masterfully explored and showcase enormous potential of Kasper Weensgaard!!! All kinds of questions are arising... Where does this guy comes from? What is his main project? After exploring the first track, I can only hardly imagine that Proton Kinoun is his, let's say "side-project" only... Answers to these questions remain a mystery to me... "Silver Satellite" fuses expertly immersing zones with pulsing cyber-tech grooves, this ever-changing and expanding blend is absolutely filigree, a truly virtuoso, 12 minutes long, cybernetic adventure!!! "Peripheral System" returns quickly to highly atmospheric spheres, where utterly sublime drifts invade the space along with tranquil organic fragments. Proton Kinoun keeps on rolling!!! As indicated by its title, "Stars Wobbling...'', spectacular star gazing continues, but soon cascades into hyper active electro rhythm passages, even if always safely guarded by lush skyscaping washes. The interaction between sharper pulses and graceful atmozones is just amazing here!!! This is the sound of cybernetic bliss!!! The next composition, "...Life's Bubbling", clocks to 10 and half minutes and slowly unfolds through slightly massive, but delicate drifts and progresses into crystalline and vibrant electro pulses and swirls. The journey culminates and each listener is transported into pure sonic trance!!! Another track title that exactly portrays this electrifying kaleidoscape!!! "Light Echoes" returns majestically into more relieving domains, but still extensively infused with large dose of bubbling effects and twinkles, with deeply celestial and euphoric feel. Man, this certainly must be an ultimate highlight presenting Proton Kinoun at its most mesmerizing!!! Nearly 10 minutes of absolute sonic ecstasy is served by this enormously talented artist!!! Yes, this must be one of the most spellbinding cyber-tech soundscapes I have ever heard in my life!!! Bravissimo, Mr. Kasper Weensgaard!!! "Illimitable", with 15 minutes the longest piece on "Apeiron", is invaded by heavenly sublimity and spiced with occasional distant voice transmissions and choral-like sounds. It peacefully floats through warmly inviting and immersing, nearly cinematic expanses, and smoothly travels also through more intense and dramatic paths, before tranquilly fading away into deeper silence. A truly fascinating outro!!! I am unable to measure Kasper's ambient experiences, but on "Apeiron" he utilized extremely rich and colorful sonic palette and offered a purely virtuoso performance, filled with huge amount of spectacular adventures. However, I must add that I hear some reserves in the overall sound quality, which seems to be a bit flat or compressed. I could imagine masterpiece like this with broader range in depth and dynamics. As far I remember, I have even read somewhere that the original release of "Apeiron" has better sound quality than this remastered edition. But I can't verify this as I didn't hear the original download. However, it would be absolutely thrilling to hear the final result if, for example, Steve Roach could infuse this extraordinary album with his Timeroom mastering wizardry. And maybe then "Apeiron" would get even closer to groundbreaking giants like "Blood Machine", "Core" or "Light Fantastic". I am not sure if "Apeiron" CDr is still available via Ektoplazm/Kunaki shop, however the download versions are available for free via Ektoplazm's site. So go for it, because "Apeiron" is a must have for each connoisseur journeying through cyber-futurism-driven ambient electronica. Kasper, thank you so much and more please!!!

Richard Gürtler (Sep 30, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)


September 23, 2010
referencing Apeiron, 7xFile, MP3, Album, 320, OMNI 002

If there is a god, then this is what he listened to when creating the heavens, the stars, and the cosmos.

While I must confess that music with no melody or rhythm and hardly a beat within earshot isn't quite my cup of tea, I've been exposed to an increasing amount of it thanks to this labour of love called discogs. And I've heard a lot lately: most of it goes nowhere other than in one ear and out the other without pausing long enough to allow itself to get absorbed, all the while doing little else beside making this listener wonder why the computers' fans are droning on for what suddenly seems an eternity before reaching for the "fast-forward" or "delete" buttons.

But not this.

Proton Kinoun pushes the right buttons.

This is music to disappear in when relaxing; these are sounds to enhance your meditative experience while staring into the dark distance and pondering the meaning of life, lust, and why one can see a light glowing in the next room through your closed eyelids. It sets a mood to enhance the enjoyment of a big pot of tea, a long massage, or an OBE.

The overall flow of "Apeiron" is flawless. Bookmarked by slow, sweeping and almost ethereal synths and spacy sounds, the climax courtesy of the track 4/5 pairing is barely interspersed by bubbly effects and minimal subtle beats which are far from putting the listener to sleep… in fact, they're more likely to help escape your fleshy hull and conjure up strange thoughts.

I would therefore advise against listening to this while operating heavy machinery.


May 20, 2010
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Apeiron, 7xFile, MP3, Album, 320, OMNI 002

Moving, deep and enthralling space psybient. Compared to Distant System's Spiral Empire this release is more extreme: Apeiron shifts from serene and organic environments to energetic and chaotic areas, creating quite a journey. The atmosphere remains smooth and soothing, however, as soft & long synths steadily escort you through-out and in-between each track. Highly recommended... and the best part - ITS FREE!


December 31, 2009
edited over 12 years ago
referencing Apeiron, 7xFile, MP3, Album, 320, OMNI 002

"Spacey", ethereal ambient at it's best. Clear 'echoes from the great void' aural pleasure. All seven tracks sound much alike, but taken together as a whole, a very enjoyable 'mindless' float through the Universe. A great first offering from Proton Kinoun.