VariousMacro Dub Infection Volume One

Various - Macro Dub Infection Volume One album cover


The Disciples (2)The Struggle Of Life
Spring Heel JackDouble Edge Dub
2 BadcardSergio Mendez Part 1
AutomatonAstral Altar Dub
Bedouin AscentBroadway Boogie Woogie
The RootsmanWadada (Sema Mix)
CoilThe Hills Are Alive
Omni TrioThe Half Cut
LaikaIf You Miss (Laika Virgin Mix)
New KingdomCrush Your Enemies (Panama Connection Dub Mix)
Skull vs. IceOperation Mind Control
Bud AlzirMorocco
ExtremaduraBeta, Seekers Of Smooth Things
4 HeroThe Paranormal In 4 Forms
The Golden PalominosThis Is How It Feels (Dub)
Mad ProfessorRagga Doll
Wagon ChristPhora Ride
ScornThe End (Remix)
TrickyAmbient Pumpkin
Iration SteppasIration Steppas Vs Dennis Rootical
BanduluCome Forward

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    Cover of Macro Dub Infection Volume One, 1995, CDMacro Dub Infection Volume One
    2×CD, Compilation, Uden Pressing
    Virgin – 7243 8 40475 2 8UK1995UK1995
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    Cover of Macro Dub Infection Volume One, 1995-05-09, VinylMacro Dub Infection Volume One
    3×LP, Compilation
    Virgin – AMBTLP7UK1995UK1995
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    Cover of Macro Dub Infection Volume One, 1995, CDMacro Dub Infection Volume One
    2×CD, Compilation
    Caroline Records – CAROL 1795-2US1995US1995
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    Cover of Macro Dub Infection Volume One, 1995, CDMacro Dub Infection Volume One
    2×CD, Compilation
    Virgin Music Canada – 7243 8 40475 2 8, Virgin – 7243 8 40475 2 8Canada1995Canada1995
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    Cover of Macro Dub Infection Volume One, 1995, CDMacro Dub Infection Volume One
    2×CD, Compilation, Swindon Pressing
    Virgin – 7243 8 40475 2 8UK1995UK1995
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    • molicious13's avatar
      This compilation was a real boon to Americans who, pre-internet, had a very difficult time keeping up with electronic music overseas where most of the action was happening at the time. This compilation introduced me to: Coil, Omni Trio, Laika, Tortoise, 4-hero, The Mad Professor, Wagonchrist, Scorn, and Tricky. I think the next best compilation I ever owned introduced me to 3 artists I ended up loving.

      So for me, this compilation was the beginning of quite a few long-term love affairs with the abovementioned artists. It was a very odd and eclectic collection of musicians that truly didn't (and still don't) have much in common, and on top of that, the songs featured on the compilation really don't represent the artists that accurately either. These songs are nearly all experimental one-offs that don't really fit in with the normal sound of each respective artist. Yet somehow it worked.

      All that said, it introduced listeners to a lot of fantastic musicians, which is the point of a compilation, so mission successful. It's a little piece of 90s electronic music history, and although mostly buried by the sands of time, it's not forgotten.

      • twinparadox's avatar
        Changed my life as a teenager in 95 on CD. I listened to this compilation every year or so. I'm 42 now, finally got it in vinyl, and I think it's still one of my favorite record ever. I know it's just a compilation but the selection is crazy and is THE perfect introduction to experimental and electronic dub and breaks, but also valid for experimented ears. Most tracks are exceptionnal. Check those names. These are fashion again in 2022 and this record doesn't sound dated at all.
        • myownbiggestfan's avatar
          This compilation is worth owning in any format. If you're a fan of any one of the bands on here, or anything adjacent, you will enjoy this. It blew my head open back in 95 and still works today.
          • discardt's avatar
            This compilation is a masterpiece. I got my 3 LPs accidentally on a London trip shortly after the release. Bought the CD-version a while later to rip it for my MP3-Player. I got an expensive Rio 800 with for that time insane 128 MB space for my long train yourney everday to work. With the hills and cities and houses and people moving by, watching out of the window, this compilation was the perfect soundtrack. The Scorn track killed me, Bedouin Ascent killed me, others flashed me so that somedays I locked myself in into my appartment after listening to this compilation too early in the morning. Insane timeless masterpieces and journeys, though, in my opinion, a special remembrance of a special pre-millenium-time. Anyway, I got another job, the RIO went into a drawer. And 10 years later I found it again, the Macro Dub Infection tracks frozen years in time and they worked as always and the remembrance of my trains travels gave me chills and goosebombs.
            One of 10 records for my lonely island.
            • Expansive09's avatar
              Hard and heavy electronically mangled dub. There is plenty of diversity here but by far the Coil track on disc 1 is worth owning this comp for its heavy almost retro electro vibe. Then there's Bedouin Ascent and Scorn tracks that really stand out. IMHO the best in the series.
              • MarkJH70's avatar
                Heavy heavy tunes for heavy heads! This is worth it for the Coil tune alone ... an absolute monster of a tune. And that Disciples opener is an earthquake on disc. Classic stuff.
                • nmte's avatar
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  This collection of offbeat, abstract music loosely connected to dub (think 'experimental' within the context of the genre each track is from) is most definitely ambitious. Some of the tracks work better than others, but I still regard this as a superior compilation that drives the listener toward so many different directions in music.

                  The one-off 4hero track on here really makes it worth checking out these discs. It looks like it was made during the Parallel Universe period, but it takes the idea of that LP a bit farther. In eight minutes, it spans bare, abstract hip hop (although the beats themselves manage to just fade in and out), edgy, time-stretched ragga jungle and eventually roots itself firmly in the area of moody, drum-machine driven Detroit-sounding techno. But it's much more than just the sum of its parts, so do give it a listen.

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