Style:Synth-pop, Disco


Galactic Reaction3:55
Dance In The Milkway3:55
Interstellar Melody3:17
Unknown Flight5:25
Milkway Promenade3:40
Love For N.R. Part 14:50
Love For N.R. - Ecstasy Part 22:37

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    Cover of Milkways, 1978, VinylMilkways
    LP, Album
    Barclay – 900.552, Barclay – 900552France1978France1978
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    Cover of Galactic Reaction, 1978, VinylGalactic Reaction
    Movieplay – 17.1334/9Spain1978Spain1978
    Cover of Milkways, 1978, VinylMilkways
    LP, Album
    Barclay – MOV-9.022Portugal1978Portugal1978
    New Submission
    Cover of Milkways, 1978, VinylMilkways
    LP, Album
    Barclay – 15015Venezuela1978Venezuela1978
    New Submission
    Cover of Milkways, 1978, VinylMilkways
    LP, Album
    Barclay – 244Colombia1978Colombia1978
    New Submission
    Cover of Milkways, 2003, CDrMilkways
    CDr, Album, Unofficial Release
    ESonCD – ESCD 200382Russia2003Russia2003
    New Submission
    Cover of Milkways, 2005, CDrMilkways
    CDr, Album, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label – 00552-2Russia2005Russia2005
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    Cover of Milkways, 2012-12-00, VinylMilkways
    LP, Unofficial Release
    Barclay (2) – 900.552France2012France2012
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    • Dillitex's avatar
      The history of the band in relation to other bands is interesting but regardless, this is an amazing record I come back to time and time again. What is the best version digital or vinyl that exists today, please help a brother out.
      • daftcombo's avatar
        Good sound on this unofficial repress.
        • ttooyyss's avatar
          One of the houndreds of Space-counterfeits. Much after Giorgio Moroder, Space and Kraftwerk. Typical French-Italo space copy of the group Space. There were much better space groups around. This one here is quite correct, nice stamp of the idealistic age but is very far from it's masters. There are no whistleable melodilines, no real melody and charasteristic chord strucure, just the typical surface of the necessarily space elements, and so on... All the mentioned groups had excellent quality records, unlike this one.
          • Brisk's avatar
            Edited 13 years ago
            As well as having possibly the best/worst record sleeve EVER, this release is also home to one of the most incredible synthesiser tracks I have had the pleasure of hearing. "Love For N.R", much like the better Kraftwerk records, still sounds fresh even today.

            Despite the relatively poor production quality (hey, it is almost 30 years old afterall), the music was (light)years ahead of its time. Though difficult to find, this release is well worth tracking down. Just don't show the record sleeve to any your friends.

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