VariousTrance Europe Express²


Speedy JThe Fun Equations4:32
Paul van DykToday5:35
The Irresistible ForceLotus Position7:27
A Positive LifePleidean Communication6:54
Salt TankDreams7:09
Dave AngelLife's Little Pleasures7:02
Eat StaticElement 1156:44
Pressure Of SpeechAphelion4:43
Secret KnowledgeAfterworld7:42
FFWDLucky Saddle6:47
New London School Of ElectronicsThe Frenchman8:35
Richard H. KirkOneski6:41
Human BeingsOrbit6:13
EscapeEscape To Earth8:21
AutocreationJustice Loop8:14
HardfloorReverberate Opinion8:34
The AmbushSun8:59

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    Cover of Trance Europe Express 2, 1994-05-31, CDTrance Europe Express 2
    2×CD, Compilation; Box Set
    Volume – TEEX CD 2, Volume – TEEX CD2UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Trance Europe Express², 1994-05-31, VinylTrance Europe Express²
    4×LP, Compilation
    Volume – TEEX LP2, Volume – TEEX LP 2UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Trance Europe Express - Volume 2, 1994-05-31, CassetteTrance Europe Express - Volume 2
    2×Cassette, Compilation
    Volume – TEEX MC2, Volume – TEEX MC 2UK1994UK1994
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    Trance Europe Express 2
    2×CD, Compilation, Promo; Box Set
    Volume – TEEX CD 2UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Trance Europe Express - Volume 2, 1994, VinylTrance Europe Express - Volume 2
    4×LP, White Label, Compilation
    Volume – TEX 2UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Trance Europe Express 2, , CDTrance Europe Express 2
    2×CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release; Box Set
    Not On Label – TEEX CD 2BulgariaBulgaria
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    • Numanoid's avatar
      In my opinion the best release of the series, quality tracks, and they flow well together, so more of an album than a compilation. The only track I usually skip is "Analogical's Camillo"
      • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
        A friend was playing the Autocreation track in her car last week and I'm like, "What is this? Sounds so familiar."
        Oh. I'd bought the cd box set at a Disc-Go-Round in the mid 90s then later got the vinyl.
        So f*cking good. While I like all the volumes in the TEeX series, this compilation, the 'ambient' one is probably my favorite. Right up there with any incredible ambient comp.
        • Expansive09's avatar
          Edited 2 months ago
          I miss the 90s this UK compilation is physical proof just how above par good the music was! Not really a bad track on here tho a few sound dated but hey doesnt all music have that poorly maligned stigma. You get the cream of ambient and IDM here Speedy J, Eat Static, Richard Kirk, Autocreation(highly underrated project I suggest everyone check out).
          • Jarren's avatar
            Is the version of Ambush - Sun unique to this release?

            I've heard the full album version (The Ambush) and it doesn't have the bassline.

            I can't find this 9 minute version on any other Ambush release, even though Oliver himself calls it the "Maxi Version".
            • BinkyLand's avatar
              Worth buying for the Richard H Kirk track alone. Absolutely awesome.
              • MrZyc
                overall the quality is high.
                recommended tracks:A2 Speedy J The Fun Equations
                A3 Paul van Dyk Today
                B1 Analogical Camillo
                B3 A Positive Life Pleidean Communication
                D1 Megalon Symbols
                D3 Secret Knowledge Afterworld

                C3 Eat Static Element 115

                G3 Autocreation Justice Loop

                G1 Human Beings Orbit
                G2 Escape Escape To Earth

                • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
                  Edited 10 years ago
                  Of course there's a bit of cheese here; it was the 90s.
                  But overall the quality is high. More than a few timeless ambient /techno gems to be found on this compilation. Every plate is justified with at least one great cut.
                  And, as always, TEEX offers the only instances of many tracks' appearances on vinyl. (Albeit sometimes noisy vinyl.)
                  I still love all of the Trance Europe Express compilations. I bought all the cds in the 90s and then got the vinyls when I was like, "Fuck cds."
                  The curation was top-notch, far from the mainstream, and even ahead of its time, especially as the series progressed. Tracks got weirder. Which, in this case, was a GOOD thing.
                  And the included booklets? BONUS!
                  A few years ago every volume was practically worthless and could be snatched up for less than $20. But as heads come back--perhaps initially for nostalgic reasons--they're going to discover some timeless tracks. Prices will continue to go up slowly.

                  ~ Vinylvoyant
                  • fabriknos's avatar
                    this is my favorite "trance" compilation of all time. i say "trance" because as said above, there is so much more here that you would not expect on a trance release. from the slow, spacey intro of Microglobe's "Trust" to the dense techno of Hardfloor's "Reverberate Opinion" to the ambient, feel-good trance of Dave Angel's "Life's Little Pleasures"... this set has it all. seriously one of the most influential compilations on me, with an incredible lineup of talent and - as usual for the TEX series - a standout packaging job. 5/5
                    • guarana's avatar
                      This album is for anyone who likes the chill, ambient or downtempo genre. It contains some of the best music around and even many years after its release it is still in high demand.
                      I would recommend this album to just about anyone who likes their electronic music to be a little more intelligent than just plain 4-2-the-floor "house" music styles.

                      Personally i love listening to this while i am developing software ... it really brings about a calmness that is not frequently found in me :)

                      Best songs (in my opinion)
                      Microglobe - Trust
                      Richard H Kirk - Oneski

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