DishammerVintage Addiction

Style:Thrash, Hardcore, Punk


Smoke Of Death
Wish Of Suffering
The End Here And Now
Exterminate The Parasite
Werewolves On Wheels
Pain In The Ass
Into The Bong
Asmodeus (By My Side)
Blessed With Catalepsy
Age Of Disgrace
Bomb In The Womb
Vintage Addiction

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    Vintage Addiction
    LP, Album
    Hells Headbangers – HELLS LP 036US2008US2008
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    Vintage Addiction
    CD, Album
    Hells Headbangers – HELLS 029US2008US2008
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    Cover of Vintage Addiction, 2008-12-19, VinylVintage Addiction
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, White
    Hells Headbangers – HELLS LP 036US2008US2008
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    Cover of Vintage Addiction, 2008, CassetteVintage Addiction
    Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (Dishammer Self-released) – noneSpain2008Spain2008
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    Vintage Addiction
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Hells Headbangers – HELLS 029US2011US2011
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    Cover of Vintage Addiction, 2013, CassetteVintage Addiction
    Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    A Sangre Fría Records – ASF-017, A Sangre Fría Records – ASF017Peru2013Peru2013
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    • lucagrind's avatar
      From Flagello 'zine (January 2010).

      If Tom G. Warrior instead of Martin Ain had met Russ Meyer, if Lemmy had consulted Satan more often instead of his accountant, if Venom had been Venom to the core, if Discharge had only one neuron in four and if had the good Quorthon preferred pornography to Viking sagas we would have already had this disc more than twenty years ago. Instead, Dopi (Machetazo on vocals), Raul (Looking For An Answer / Moho on guitar), Inoki (Moho on bass) and drummer Victor took care of it now. A concentration of slovenliness to make the late El Duce look like a minister of sobriety. Mr. Fenriz himself praised this album in no uncertain terms (he is known to be a man of good taste). This "sack of shit" (and here I quote the notes on the inside cover) made of crude fat crust riffs, rockarolla-motoret beats with the voice of Dopi declaiming rhymes like "Ritual of possession/nuclear damnation/drink the blood/ into masturbation” is pure expression of free and complacent ignorance. On the other hand, what could one expect from a band with a similar name? (... so candidly definitive as to make me hope for a future without new "dis" and "hammer"). Exalting the value of a work of this type when the world is in the hands of headless pimps is a social duty.
      • Subsetorr's avatar
        Alguém pode me dizer quem é essa mulher da capa? qual o motivo da capa ?

        • Realbeerface's avatar
          Does anybody know where the hand numbering is? I just bought a copy yesterday on white vinyl but I cannot seem to find any hand numbering on it...
          • Crustie666's avatar
            Edited 10 years ago
            If anyone wants to sell me their copy of the lp, or knows of one i could snatch up... Let Me Know!
            • Thrashtilldeath's avatar
              Test press handnumbered to 5 copies without cover

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