Try N Follow2:04
Intergalactic Relations6:00
Carry It Mongo Man4:17
Insight To All Minds3:50
Nah Top Yuh Noise0:21
Could It Be3:44
Interlude 20:07
Stro Kyat5:02
Tek Care4:10
Enjoy Life1:16

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    Cover of An Insight To All Minds, 2021-04-02, VinylAn Insight To All Minds
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    First Word Records – FW228UK2021UK2021
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    Cover of An Insight To All Minds, 2021-04-02, FileAn Insight To All Minds
    15×File, WAV, Album
    First Word Records – FW228UK2021UK2021
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    • dylaf's avatar
      Slick as ever business from KT, perhaps the single most important player behind the broken beats movement (joint place with Dego of course), & here, free to breath his own space... Deep, subtle & a grower with every spin...

      If you dig this, check his 1st solo LP on Japan's 'Freedom School' imprint / First Word Records, for the absolute cream:
      • blaksoulfire's avatar
        My repress arrived today. Love the finely on this, lovely cut.
        • theRealMadmonk's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          Can't wait for my copy to arrive in August! Really enjoying this album, great sounds, great production, great grooves, never a dull moment.

          EDIT: I've received my repress today. Nice quality pressing, silent and dynamic. Very pleased with this.
          • ElroySheep's avatar
            What an absolute corker of an album this is. Fantastic pressing too.

            Chapter One

            Dive below the surface. Bubbles streaming past your face, bumping against the glass of your visor. Bubbles of the life breath of your compatriots. Breathing out into the abyss the dwindling supply of life you have compressed in tanks on your back. If the readings are to be believed, there's life down here if we can make it far enough. Scans indicate a massive bubble of a near perfect atmosphere for our brand of carbon life. What other option do we have but to dive?

            This isn't our first abyss traversed. We traveled the vastness between the stars. Centuries in stasis. Waiting for our arkship to pass near a planet scans indicate habitable. This one was not ideal, but it was the final option. Our arkship nearing the end of its already extended longevity. This had nearly perfect conditions for life, but with a significant catch.

            We packed the ark so long ago, a team of scientists cast out buy a regime that carried it's own Truths. Our institute shut down, condemned. But before came the bulldozers we retreated to our subterranean vault, many times larger than the lab above the surface that we maintained as a cover. We sealed the passage, deployed our camouflage as the distance rumble of the raze of science began. We had planned, colleagues of generatons past exploring now prophetic potential outcomes to their current instability. We had constructed an ark, an ark to sustain enough genetic material to reconstruct the human race and it's necessary symbiotes. An ark being at once contained by but also the entirety of an underground vault. External fusion produced the energy to charge our ship, and melt away the layers of earth around us. Melting our mountain into burning maw of magma, that then launched us through that atmosphere with a final burst of power generated by our arkship. Now charged enough for centuries of self sustaining travel, we entered the abyss for the first time.

            Behind us, the power of our launch enough to crack the mantle, the core spilling forth to incinerate the atmosphere. An outcome with a 1 in 5 probability of occurrence. Was it hubris to have this much faith in ourselves? Those are no small odds in such existential matters.

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