Harps And Angels5:07
Losing You2:42
Laugh And Be Happy2:19
A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country4:13
A Piece Of The Pie2:42
Easy Street3:14
Korean Parents3:27
Only A Girl2:44
Feels Like Home4:51

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    Cover of Harps And Angels, 2008-08-01, CDHarps And Angels
    CD, Album
    Nonesuch – 122812-2US2008US2008
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Harps And Angels, 2008-08-04, CDHarps And Angels
    CD, Album
    Nonesuch – 7559-79989-3Europe2008Europe2008
    Cover of Harps And Angels, 2008-08-01, CDHarps And Angels
    CD, Album, Promo
    Nonesuch – PRO 400057US2008US2008
    New Submission
    Cover of Harps And Angels, 2008, FileHarps And Angels
    10×File, FLAC, Album, 24bit 88kHz
    Nonesuch – none20082008
    New Submission
    Cover of Harps And Angels, 2017, VinylHarps And Angels
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Nonesuch – 122812-1USA & Europe2017USA & Europe2017



    • tinfoilrecordshop's avatar
      the sounds on this is awesome and a really well done pressing for one of Randy's best
      • Berzerkly's avatar
        For what it's worth, I think this is Randy Newman's best album since all the great ones in the '70's.
        • -highfidelity-'s avatar
          yes, finally! now, nonesuch, can we get "bad love" on vinyl too, please?
          • LeonardoA's avatar
            Shortly before reaching retirement age, the American singer and composer Randy Newman his first new album in nine years. Interim he wrote especially soundtracks for animation films such as Toy Story and the Oscar award-winning with a Monsters, Inc.. Are clean and bluesy music with a twist show lent itself here is excellent for. Harps And Angels on the same contrasting orchestral sounds especially harsh with his cynical lyrics, mostly dealing with a narrow-minded American society. For example, there's also the leaders get along in A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country though they are not so bad, says Newman, long like for example Hitler and Stalin. In A Piece Of The Pie he sighs that American musician Jackson Browne is the last committed and in Only A Girl is his young sweetheart probably just behind his cents to. The world is unjust and fortunately we still have Randy Newman to be there, with those scratchy, slightly whiny voice of witness persquotes ' this is his first album of new songs in nine years and only his eleventh in four decades. But then you have what. ' (Dutch men's magazine Nieuwe Revu 01-09-2008)' In all respects it appears barely a half hour Harps And Angels a straight sequel to the now published nine years ago, except that this time all ten Bad Love songs rich and yet not excessive orchestrated his way to call on a non other than brilliant

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