NorthauntBarren Land


Dying Day / Dawn And Ashes7:46
A Silent Battle4:38
Kapp Farvel3:43
Laid Bare Beneath The Stars5:14
Just Another Cold Spring2:32
Lost Days2:42
The Fire6:15
Shadows Over The Barren Land6:28

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    Cover of Barren Land, 2004-04-22, CDBarren Land
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Fluttering Dragon – Fluttering Dragon 0.28Poland2004Poland2004
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    Cover of Barren Land, 2008-07-05, CassetteBarren Land
    Cassette, Album, Reissue
    Todestrieb Records – TTR 015 MCUK2008UK2008
    Cover of Barren Land, 2013-05-01, CDBarren Land
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Remastered
    Infinite Fog Productions – IF-34Russia2013Russia2013
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    • CthulhuSpawn's avatar
      A really beautiful repress of a wonderful album. The entire booklet is filled with stunning photographs of Greenlandic scenery and the CD's themselves are nicely made as well. I would highly recommend this album to any fans of Northaunt or Dark Ambient in general.
      • 3cityjay's avatar
        Edited 10 years ago
        Northaunt's second album is a stagerringly beautiful composition with meticulous attention to detail, extremaly well thought out textures, consistent aggangement and impecable production. Thorougly absorbing and multilayred sonic atmospheres delve deep into the realms of dark interpretations, disturbingly painful emotional assiciations and vividly desolate panoramas. For me this is not only the finest (and darkest for that matter) hour for Northaunt but arguably one of the best dark ambient albums I've ever listened to, utterly, utterly brilliant.

        Seeing as this was recently remastered and rereleased on Infinite Fog Productions and the digibook also includes the 2004 mini-album "In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death" as well as a completely new track "Hopeless Dreams", you should defenitely grab the new version.

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