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    PliiantThe Very Dab


    Memory Game7:30
    Consider Everything7:48
    Chasing Amy2:19
    Sensitive Elbow1:04
    Slight Room1:15
    June + Rays Shop5:00
    The Need To Tug0:31
    The 2 Coloured Lines5:09
    Considered Everything3:18
    Pipes Dream (Going Nowhere Mix)5:09
    Matron (Edit)6:29
    Soulfaaf (Schlumberg Mix)7:34


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    2 versions
    Cover of The Very Dab, 2005-02-00, CDrThe Very Dab
    2×CDr, Mini, Limited Edition; CDr, Mini
    Talent Hoover – talent001UK2005UK2005
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    Cover of The Very Dab, , CDrThe Very Dab
    2×CDr, Mini, Reissue; CDr, Mini
    Not On Label (Pliiant Self-Released) – noneUKUK


    JonnieDarko's avatar
    Edited 17 years ago
    An artist to watch intently..Keep yer ears out for this one!
    New Scottish 'Talent' Pliiant has created something truly mesmerising with this albeit 'limited' & exquisitely packaged release aptly named 'The Very Dab', summing it's parts up nicely as something you need for your aural palette. Starting with radio hiss & ad cuts smoothing into the warm electronica piece 'consider everything', which initialises the album nicely & sets the scene for what's to come, not that this album is predicatble(not at all!). It's a quaint, eccentric, somnolent release which will have you wanting to be somewhere special. Fans of Pub, early Black Dog, Lucky & Easy & such releases will be nourished!
    A full length album is imminent too.
    Limited to 100 copies get this while you can.