Book Of Bringhi3:32
A Cat5:38
Rise From Your Wave6:29
Peloponnese Lament2:56
In A Cistern4:21
Into Clouds4:44
For Em3:38
Three Gates4:32
Horn In Deep Night5:09
Sky Burial5:33
Asura Cave5:52
Aran In Repose7:35
Lament Return3:30

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    Cover of Refuge, 2021, CDRefuge
    CD, Album
    Dead Oceans – DOC26220212021
    New Submission
    Cover of Refuge, 2021, VinylRefuge
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Blue Seaglass Wave Translucent
    Dead Oceans – DOC262US2021US2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Refuge, 2021, VinylRefuge
    Dead Oceans – DOC26220212021
    New Submission
    Cover of Refuge, 2021-08-13, FileRefuge
    12×File, WAV, Album
    Dead Oceans – noneUS2021US2021
    New Submission



    • Varejao17's avatar
      Edited 3 months ago
      Hate to pile on, but yeah, this pressing is depressing. There was visible globs of residue (hot glue?) stuck on side 1. I got it off and did an ultrasonic cleaning but the result was still way too noisy.

      Music is fantastic which makes it a (small) tragedy.
      • Vanalog's avatar
        I must be lucky. Album sounds great. Dead quiet and no pops or surface noise.
        • weasely_bits's avatar
          lame pressing of beautiful music. constant pops and clicks throughout.
          • Joe_Rice's avatar
            Have had two copies of the black vinyl, and neither is clean, with recurring tics and pops, especially on side C, even after a vacuum clean. Shame, as it's beautiful music.
            • paulopostfuture's avatar
              My copy was pretty much unlistenable out of the sleeve but after a clean it was dramatically improved and is now really nice to listen to.
              • n.robhenry's avatar
                This black vinyl version sounds much better than the Limited Edition.
                • FlamingLisp's avatar
                  Agreed, this pressing sounds like shit. Such a shame for this kind of music. Hard to enjoy with so much surface noise. I wrote to the label to see if anything can be done..
                  • kanebanner's avatar
                    Seems to be on blue vinyl instead of advertised sea glass.
                    • Euphonics's avatar
                      I know Devendra is a versatile artist. But if you told me he teamed up with another longtime collaborator and was about to release an album's worth of material from an entirely uncharacteristic genre, this would be about the last thing I'd have predicted. If presented in a multiple-choice format—with options like samba, hip hop, free jazz and post punk—I think I would have picked just about anything before 'modern classical'.

                      But as it turns out, this LP is surprising not only for its sheer oddness; but also for how darn well they pull it off.

                      Aptly named, Refuge is an album of stillness, patience and wonder. A cooling salve in the midst of a warming world. There's no lyrics, no grooves; hardly anything to grab onto at all. But in the tradition of the best ambient musics, we find that the notes *unplayed* are as important as the ones that are. The vast expanse of space in each composition gives room for thoughts to emerge. Ideas grow in the valleys of uncluttered atmospherics. The textures and tones are enough to make your hair stand up, without the need for drama and bombast. Fans of the two artists' prior work may not immediately gravitate to what's been accomplished here, but after the initial head-scratching is done, many listeners should find there's a lot to like about these minimalist little movie scores.

                      • jujuliquid's avatar
                        My copy is noisy, full of static. Tested on 2 turntables. Such a shame as its a quiet and beautiful record that will benefit from zero pressing distractions. Anyone else experiencing issues?

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