VariousLast White Christmas I

Style:Hardcore, Punk


BrontosauriCapsius Cabanis (Berlino Fuck Off)
Raw Power (2)Power
Raw Power (2)For My
Raw Power (2)I Hate The
Raw Power (2)Chicken Song
Raw Power (2)Army
Raw Power (2)No Future
Raw Power (2)Politicians
Raw Power (2)Raw Power
Raw Power (2)Fuck Autorithy
Raw Power (2)Hate
Raw Power (2)Fabbrica (Factory)
Raw Power (2)Victim
Raw Power (2)White Minority
Juggernaut (3)Convact
Juggernaut (3)Tomorrow
Juggernaut (3)Xoo2
Juggernaut (3)Inquisitor
Juggernaut (3)Xoo3
Stato Di PoliziaOdio (Hate)
Stato Di PoliziaMente Sconvolta (Damaged Mind)
Stato Di PoliziaUccidi Tuo Fratello (Kill Your Brother)
Stato Di PoliziaNon Dirmi E Non Parlartll (Don't Tell Me And Don't Talk To Me)
Putrid FeverDraw Of Fear
Putrid FeverMotorhead
Putrid FeverAnger
Putrid FeverReality
Putrid FeverSong From War
Putrid FeverNaked Real Gun
Putrid FeverSkaters
Putrid FeverRats
DementsI Am Not
DementsPoint Of View
Useless BoysI Don't Need Your Love Anymore
Useless BoysWeekend Trip
Useless BoysI Need You So
Useless BoysCan't Judge A Book By The Cover
Useless BoysBarracuda
War Dogs*The State Of Things
War Dogs*Fried Brains
War Dogs*Snakes
War Dogs*War Dogs
War Dogs*(I Hate The) Families
War Dogs*Red Hot Phones
War Dogs*M.G.
Auschlag (Subversion)Grazie Patria (Thank You My Country)
Auschlag (Subversion)Vittime (Victims)
Auschlag (Subversion)Nessuno (No One)
Auschlag (Subversion)Woytila Vattene! (Woytila Scram!)
Auschlag (Subversion)Siamo Stanchi (We're Fed Up)
Auschlag (Subversion)In Carcere (In Jail)
Auschlag (Subversion)Distruzione Totale (Total Destruction)
Auschlag (Subversion)Ribellati (Subvert)
Auschlag (Subversion)A Fuoco (Burn 'em Down)


This master release contains recordings from 4 december 1983 on San Zeno's church, Pisa, Italy.


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    Cover of Last White Christmas I, 1984, CassetteLast White Christmas I
    Cassette, Compilation
    Bad Compilation Tapes – BCT-6, Cessophena Records – noneUS1984US1984
    New Submission
    Cover of Last White Christmas, II, 1984-02-00, CassetteLast White Christmas, II
    Cassette, Compilation
    Bad Compilation Tapes – BCT-7, Cessophena Records – noneUS1984US1984
    New Submission
    Cover of Last White Christmas II, 2000, CDLast White Christmas II
    CD, Compilation, Remastered, Reissue
    Bad Compilation Tapes – BCT 07, Schizophrenic Records (2) – SCHIZ 09, Human Stench – STENCH 09
    +1 more label...
    USA & Canada2000USA & Canada2000
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Last White Christmas, 2000, CDLast White Christmas
    CD, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered
    Bad Compilation Tapes – BCT 06, Schizophrenic Records (2) – Schiz 08, Human Stench – Stench 06
    +1 more label...
    USA & Canada2000USA & Canada2000
    New Submission
    Cover of Last White X-Mas, 2020-06-01, CDLast White X-Mas
    2×CD, Album, Compilation, Remastered
    Area Pirata – AP076Italy2020Italy2020
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    • ouillon's avatar
      Contrarily to Vol 1, this song list corresponds to what you have on the CD.
      • ouillon's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        This song list is wrong - it corresponds to the original BCT tape, running 90 min. Here we have only 38 tracks. But that's still a great release!
        Concerning Raw Power tracks, the correct list is (#s are those of the CD tracks - Politicians is missing compared to the original tape):
        4- Power / For me
        5- I hate the system / Chicken song
        6- X
        7- Army
        8- No future
        9- Raw Power / Fuck authority
        10- Hate
        11- Police Police / Destroy
        12- Fabbrica
        13- Nihilist
        14- Bastard
        15- You shock me
        16- Our oppression
        17- State oppression
        18- You are the victim
        19- White minority
        • Marko-V's avatar
          I have a slightly different version of this cassette:
          - Brontosauri tracks are same but some mid-song part cut shorter.
          - Raw Power live set is longer. Actually same as the Pisa live part on BCT "Studio & Live" cassette except that 'Politicians' is missing from my LWC version.
          - Juggernaut has one song missing but adds one song that is not listed here.
          - Stato Di Policia has two songs missing but adds one song that is not listed here.
          - Putrid Fever has one song missing but adds two songs which are not listed here.
          - Dements is the same version as here.
          - Useless Boys is missing 'Barracuda' and the songs are in slightly different order.
          - War Dogs and Auschlag are not on my version.
          - My cassette is 90 minutes tape. A-side is full (ending with Stato Di Polizia tracks), B-side is only 30 minutes (starting with Putrid Fever tracks).
          I don't have the cover, because it came with a wrong cover (LWC II cover). All the included extra songs (which are not listed here) sound like they are definitely from the same gig as the other songs. There's also some small differencies in between-song tunings and spaces (cut shorter or being bit longer).
          Anybody have any idea if Chris actually made un/intentionally different versions of BCT tapes?

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