Other Side
Desire (Icarus Mix)6:31
This Side
Desire (Tronic Mix)7:56

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    Cover of Desire, 1994, VinylDesire
    12", 45 RPM
    Eye Q Records – EYE Q 014Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Desire, 1994, CDDesire
    CD, Maxi-Single
    Eye Q Records – EYE Q 014 CDGermany1994Germany1994
    12", Test Pressing
    Eye Q Records – EYE 014Germany1994Germany1994



    • Troeger's avatar
      The tronic mix at pitch -2 brings the basslines with imense power and the tempo is a little more relaxed to get through this oustanding work from Ralf Hildenbeutel....Sometimes i hear the song accident in paradise in this release.
      • lemonadka's avatar
        Thank you Discogs for recommending this pure piece of masterpiece. Both mixes are simply outstanding. I will certainly order EP and play it some lucky day on a sunrise!
        • expandabear's avatar
          Edited 6 years ago
          Pure beauty from the very beginning.
          The opening pads on the Icarus mix feel like a deep blue sea, warm like a womb; radiating love and every other splendid thing.
          And it just gets better from there...

          I've never had the luxury of experiencing this track on a nice soundsystem outdoors during the sunrise or early morning, but I would imagine it to be perfectly sublime.

          This is definitive trance music.
          • eyqq's avatar
            Even if I've never met, or talked, to Discogs member "Wizhard" i feel we share a special bond - because for me it's exactly the same! The "Icarus mix" is for me, perhaps, the strongest release from, a titans strength that is, Eye-q's catalogue - I mean the same catalogue giving my youth a worthy existence; meaning and a hell of a lot of fun. During late sunday mornings now days, lazy in my bed, I can still hear the echos of someones "desires". This is church wedding music!
            • Wizhard's avatar
              Edited 2 years ago
              Defines something that has rarely been heard in electronic music. It's really hard to put words on this masterpiece ; it brings you to a very specific trance state with both mixes. A feeling of completeness, soothing, relaxation. Art and dance coming together. Unequalled since 25 years.
              • globalunderground's avatar
                Pure perfection. A seminal trance track. Both mixes don't stop to impress me even after two decades. Must have.

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