Parties In The U.S.A4:42
Tandem Jump2:10
You Can't Talk To The Dude2:49
Velvet Underground3:23
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar3:40
Rooming House On Venice Beach5:04
That Summer Feeling6:02
Grunion Run2:31
A Higher Power3:02
Twilight In Boston4:08

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of I, Jonathan, 1992, CDI, Jonathan
    CD, Album
    Rounder Records – Rounder CD 9036, Rounder Records – ROUNDER CD 9036US1992US1992
    Recently Edited
    Cover of I, Jonathan, 1992, CDI, Jonathan
    CD, Album
    Zensor – ZENSOR ZS 129, Zensor – ZENSOR CD 129Germany1992Germany1992
    Recently Edited
    Cover of I, Jonathan, 1992, CassetteI, Jonathan
    Cassette, AlbumCrO₂, Dolby HX Pro, B NR
    Rounder Records – Rounder C 9036, Rounder Records – RO 9036US1992US1992
    New Submission
    Cover of I, Jonathan, 2020-08-14, VinylI, Jonathan
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Craft Recordings – CR00283, Rounder Records – CR00283UK, Europe & US2020UK, Europe & US2020
    Cover of I, Jonathan, 2020, VinylI, Jonathan
    LP, Album, Club Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, ReissueSky Blue
    Craft Recordings – CR02804US2020US2020
    New Submission
    Cover of I, Jonathan, , CDI, Jonathan
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Rounder Records – Rounder CD 9036, Rounder Records – ROUNDER CD 9036USUS
    New Submission
    • albertocaeiro's avatar
      Credits here state “Memphis Record Pressing”. I’ve read scathing comments on the Hoffman forum on the quality of product manufactured by two different plants in TN: Memphis and United Record Pressing (URP). I don’t think I own any MRP pressings, so I can’t readily comment on their work. But I do own URP product - been burned by them more than once with scattered non-fill.
      • DarreLP's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        My first Craft Recordings purchase and...I'm not impressed. I've purchased two copies of this and both had awful looking surface defects (dimples, pimples, and a rippled surface). The first copy was bad enough that it was audibly noticeable. The second is at least audibly OK, but still sloppy quality control here. On top of that, I tried purchasing directly from Craft and it took them 3 weeks to tell me that they were out of stock. C'mon, Craft. I was expecting a bit more from you.

        (That said, as for the music, this is one of Jonathan's best. Second only to Modern Lovers, IMHO)
        • Brisarahtops's avatar
          This album will have you dancing at a lesbian bar!
          • max_samhain's avatar
            Im buying really a lot of records and I always wondered about these many commenty here on discogs by people complaining about pressing defaults (ok, I avoid budget reissues anyway so maybe that's the reason why I was lucky yet). BUt now it got me... my copy had a pressing defect on side 2: track 2 and 3 are accompanied by background noise..
            • boy_version's avatar
              Super quiet, flat, sounds great. So glad this was finally pressed!
              • hylle100's avatar
                My pressing is not great. There's an annoying sound from the grooves all though side A, and even worse on side B.
                Mastering is great though!
                • andys80s's avatar
                  My new black vinyl copy just came warped. Anyone else have this problem? Cover a cheap blow up job. Looks bad.
                  • sadpeacock's avatar
                    Got this direct from CFAFT on black vinyl.
                    Extra hats off to Craft for solving an issue and giving me a full refund.

                    Sadly as people note, paper inner that had some residue from pressing plant that left a surface chip.
                    Paper scuff and a slight warp that creates a low bass thump on rotation. NOT what you want on a JR record.

                    Plays good for free, but still want a proper copy!
                    Besides that...
                    Great mastering.
                    Great art and presentation.

                    As always have to suggest to anyone doing a reissue.
                    For Fucks Sake spend the extra $0.15 per unit and get Poly lIned Inner Sleeve!

                    • jrsmusic's avatar
                      This reissue from Craft sounds absolutely stunning. Bass is prominent and there's a good separation of instruments otherwise. Nice black vinyl too, has that wet look.
                      • robo467's avatar
                        So glad this is on vinyl. Great package and fine sounding master. Now if someone will only re issue the 80's classic "It's Time For"...

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