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23 For Sale from $10.42


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    23 SkidooCoup4:13
    DominatrixThe Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix)3:35
    The NormalWarm Leatherette3:20
    ShriekbackMy Spine (Is The Bassline)3:58
    ColourboxLooks Like We're Shy One Horse/Shoot Out7:57
    Gina X PerformanceNice Mover4:31
    23 SkidooVegas El Bandito2:45
    Torch SongP2E (Remix)5:07
    AswadWarrior Charge5:47
    Chris & CoseyOctober (Love Song) '86 Version3:51
    Quando QuangoGenius6:23
    A Certain RatioWaterline4:05
    400 BlowsBlack And White Mix Up4:52

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    Cover of Nine O'Clock Drop, 2000, VinylNine O'Clock Drop
    2×LP, Compilation
    Nuphonic – NUX 151UK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Nine O'Clock Drop, 2000, CDNine O'Clock Drop
    CD, Album, Compilation
    Nuphonic – NUX 151CDUK2000UK2000
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    Nine O'Clock Drop
    2×LP, Compilation, Promo
    Nuphonic – NUX 151LPUK2000UK2000
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    Cover of 9 O'Clock Drop, 2000, CDr9 O'Clock Drop
    CDr, Compilation, Promo
    Nuphonic – noneUK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Nine O'Clock Drop, 2000-07-25, CDNine O'Clock Drop
    CD, Album, Compilation
    P-Vine Records – PCD3564Japan2000Japan2000
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    OCCIDENTAL's avatar
    I was moving and selling a few hundred records at a garage sale. This compilation was among those records. My friend--and fellow dj--Sean had picked it up along with about ten others, and I was giving him a mad-great deal on it all, about $50 for his pile of choice wax. (Sean has stellar taste, was a fantastic selector, and I always looked up to him.) Sean asked me to hold the records for him, so I held them for a few months, but he never followed through with the transaction. And I'm very glad, as this compilation became one of my favorites as my taste matured and expanded throughout the last two decades.
    Truly excellent collection of tracks that accurately captures Andrew Weatherall's wide view of what dance music can be.
    Thank you for your generous contributions to our craft.
    Vart's avatar
    Edited 3 years ago
    Still one of my most played compilations. I wonder what other tracks Andy selected which the label couldnt license?
    spectrum's avatar
    Listen to 23Skidoo - Coup and then listen to Block Rocking Beats by the Chemical Brothers. Quite obviously the same track! That alone is an indication of the influential nature of this old music. There are some very diverse genres on this complation. Some are quite experimental for their day but sound suprisingly timeless.
    eiskristall's avatar
    Yes, that are the influences of cult-dj and the mastermind of "Two Lone Swordsmen". Remembering his roots and making a reminiscence to show us which were the important tracks in the 70ies and 80ies. My favourites are "Warm Leatherette" and "Love Song" , but all tracks on this compilation are very good productions. It's not wrong to have this.