CitayDream Get Together


Careful With That Hat7:00
Return From Silence0:55
Dream Get Together4:11
Secret Breakfast5:28
Mirror Kisses6:56
Fortunate Sun7:08

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    Cover of Dream Get Together, 2010, VinylDream Get Together
    LP, Album
    Dead Oceans – DOC038US2010US2010
    Cover of Dream Get Together, 2010-01-26, CDDream Get Together
    CD, Album, Digisleeve
    Dead Oceans – DOC038US2010US2010
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    Cover of Dream Get Together, 2010, CDDream Get Together
    CD, Advance, Album, Promo
    Dead Oceans – DOC038US2010US2010
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    • hlsowinski's avatar
      super fun and summer-y folk rock record, notice I said ROCK
      • streetmouse's avatar
        Edited 9 years ago
        I needed this album to bounce and jumpstart my summer into high gear. Dream Get Together is big and full and clear and breezy and lushly layered with chilling cool hypnotic washes of wondrous splendor that begin and never seem to end, echoing in my ears long after the album’s been sleeved and returned to the shelf ... where it constantly calls for a second spin, and without fail, I’ve been answering that call every time. Citay has presented an album of sheer effortless pleasure, constructed of interlocking patterns that for me harken back to the very first Spirit release, where the Laurel Canyon sound infected my ears for the first time, and has continued to develop shimmering side streets over the years. A sound that didn’t go unnoticed by Led Zeppelin on their song “Going To California,” ... just listen to what Citay do on “Secret Breakfast” and tell me that you’re not blown away.

        Dream Get Together is not simply another California daydream, it knows where it wants to take you, and it blossoms without the need for magical substances to bring out its hidden magical imagery. This is a very precise, harmonized, and considered piece of music that shoots hazy ribbons of distortion through the air that are counterbalanced by melodic rays of synth, jangling acoustic guitar strummings, and a bass line that roams up and down your spine, creating ear to ear blistering euphoria.

        Review by Jenell Kesler

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