HardfloorMr. Anderson - Fish & Chips

Style:Techno, Acid


Other Side
Mr. Anderson9:10
This Side
Fish & Chips8:27

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    Cover of Mr. Anderson - Fish & Chips, 1994-07-00, CDMr. Anderson - Fish & Chips
    CD, Single
    Harthouse – HH CD 50, Harthouse – HH 50-CD, Harthouse – HH 50Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Mr. Anderson - Fish & Chips, 1994, VinylMr. Anderson - Fish & Chips
    12", 45 RPM
    Harthouse – HH-050, Harthouse – HH-O50Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Mr. Anderson / Fish & Chips, 1994, VinylMr. Anderson / Fish & Chips
    12", 45 RPM, Single, Gold
    Harthouse – HH 050Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Mr. Anderson, 1994, VinylMr. Anderson
    12", 45 RPM, Test Pressing
    Harthouse – HH-050Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Mr. Anderson / Fish & Chips , 2013-03-01, FileMr. Anderson / Fish & Chips
    2×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Harthouse – HH 050Germany2013Germany2013
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    • phaks's avatar
      "most banging 12" that Hardfloor put out" - yes !!
      • chrisnova777's avatar
        if you guys have ever seen the movie the matrix - pretty sure the creators of that movie are pulling the last name of NEO from this release "MR.ANDERSON!" it totally fits in with their choice of music for the Zion Scenes in the 2nd movie and their whole cyberpunk style
        • TimReade's avatar
          I'm sure some purists would disagree, but for my money, being an active tester of these things at that time, this was the most banging 12 that Hardfloor put out. Principally Fish & Chips - which would always tear the roof off the place no questions asked.
          • stuarte's avatar
            That's a belter of a review. On point and with humour! Hardloor u know the score
            • neurodynamo's avatar
              So no comments on this old skool classic so let's go. Celebrating the 50th release of the legendary Harthouse records !

              I think Hardfloor must have come to Britain in 1994 and tried our traditional Fish and Chips from maybe Mr Anderson's Chip Shop with lots of ACID VINEGAR !!!!

              2 fantastic acid techno tracks.

              MR ANDERSON starts from the very beginning as a slow beat drum techno track . At 1.12 a scraping techno sound appears and then with a pogo stick slurping sound builds till 3.18 a intense 303 fades in and skyscrapes 4.23 the beat disappears the dirty acid break appears for a moment the beat returns and continues until the end of the track. Lush dirty subliminal acid deep techno

              FISH AND CHIPS this is one of the best Hardfloor tracks ever - more intense and fast - The brilliant simple drum programming again enters our mind to get the neurons firing then at 0.47 the 303 delicate acid begins and 1.55 the computer robot modem sound connects with our consciousness until at 3.03 yes 3.03 (brilliant timing from the legends) one of the most funky memorable 303 lines comes in and then stops at 3.57 but continues on with another 303 line and an ambient swirling synth lead with a few crispy metal techno batter bits then builds back up the acid until a drum kicks in a few times then 5.26 that amazing funky acid line returns and then breaks into an beautiful ending of acid and ambient.

              This vinyl is also as cheap as fish and chips you can buy in the U.K so come on DJ's buy it and explode your club with Fish and Chips or play a more laid back but incredible building Mr. Anderson !!! ;)

              Come on, you know, you want to. Let them clubbers know !!

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