I've Just Murdered A Girl Called Maria0:57
Present From Bromley6:51
Spring Robinson11:43

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    Cover of Flux, 2020, VinylFlux
    LP, Album, Mono
    Seelie Court – sclp005UK2020UK2020
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    Cover of Flux, 2021, CDFlux
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Seelie Court Digital – scd013UK2021UK2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Flux, 2022-02-00, CDFlux
    CD, Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Seelie Court (2) – scd013, Seelie Court Digital (2) – scd013Russia2022Russia2022
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      recorded in mono on a mobile bbc deck in 1973, the lp is a one take tour de force by an art rock band on fire and dominated by insane guitar leads, something like king crimson with john mc laughlin jamming in a dark zone...members are ex BABE RUTH, ex MOTIFFE, pre ARGENT, pre FLEA ON THE HONEY, it was a live gig but it sounds studio, reviewed by a Recird Mirror journalist in a 1973 issue of Record Mirror weekly who attended, he described Flux as p!aying A NEW FORM OF MUSIC. the gig ended with an IRA BOMB SCARE! John Grimaldi's guitar playing is astonishing, and the lp is a unique archival document of a unique band, they were offered recording contracts but split up and went in different musical directions, so this lp captured a rare and unusual point in time. Grimaldi went on to Argent directly after Flux, and helped craft their forgotten masterpiece Circus. Flux is not an easy listen, it needs the right mood, but its one of the greatest lost recordings in the history of progressive and art rock.

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