Sun Electric30.7.94 Live



An Atom Of All Suns21:36
Northern Lights #519:39

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    Cover of 30.7.94 Live, 1995, CD30.7.94 Live
    CD, Album
    Apollo – amb 5938 cd, Apollo – AMB 5938 CDBelgium1995Belgium1995
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    Cover of 30.7.94 Live, 1995, Vinyl30.7.94 Live
    LP, Album
    Apollo – amb 5938Belgium1995Belgium1995
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    Cover of 30.7.94 Live, 1995-11-22, CD30.7.94 Live
    CD, Album
    Apollo – SRCS 7839Japan1995Japan1995
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    Cover of 30.7.94 Live, 1995, CD30.7.94 Live
    CD, Album
    Apollo – amb 5938 cd, Apollo – AMB 5938 CDGermany1995Germany1995
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    Cover of 30.7.94 Live, , File30.7.94 Live
    3×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    R & S Records – AMB5938CDBelgiumBelgium
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    Cover of 30.7.94 Live, , File30.7.94 Live
    3×File, AAC, Album, 256 kbps
    R & S Records – noneBelgiumBelgium
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    • ED-209's avatar
      This one's a bit special. Over an hour they lay down an ever shifting mosaic of fragmented rhythms, melodies and textures to create one of the most musically sophisticated and intriguing ambient albums you'll ever hear
      • fabriknos's avatar
        I *finally* got my hands on this Japanese pressing after years of putting off the cost of admission. I can't even remember how many times I had listened to this album digitally, but it's a different feeling altogether knowing that you've got the real deal in your hands... one of the landmark releases in ambient, hands down.

        30.7.94 Live made #1 on my Top 10 Ambient list that you can view here on Discogs, and while I am no John Peel, I do feel I have a good pulse for some of the all-time great achievements in electronic music, and this is - inarguably - one of them. From the first sparkling sounds that come out of your speakers on Castor & Pollux, you know you are about to experience something special. It's otherworldly, it's unique, it's a snapshot of a time and place that will never come around again - but just be glad you're experiencing it now, even if it happens to be 25 years later.

        It's something you can't quite put into words. We can all describe the content in very literal terms... "shiny" and "epic" and "deep" and "flowing" and all these other easy words can pop out without much effort. But when you let this music course through you, from beginning to end, you're left realizing what just transpired was far more timeless and expressionless than anything you could translate verbally. I almost feel that music like this is better *without* literal interpretation or description. It's a slice of perfection in a time when electronic music had not yet been completely raped by the mainstream media conglomerates, when the efforts of two relatively unknown men from Germany resulted in something that transcends most everything else that was produced during this time. Do they get the credit they deserve, outside of this close-knit Discogs community? No. Should they? Absolutely. But it's precisely their effervescent coming and going in this electronic world that makes this all the more special.

        I can't say enough about this album (obviously). Seek it out, fork over the money. Music like this rarely comes along... and I've been waiting over 25 years.
        • scoundrel's avatar
          30.7.94 LIVE is a stunning ambient album. Right from the start, "Castor & Pollux" twinkles like a night sky full of stars, and "An Atom of All Suns" sets one adrift, as if blown about by solar winds. Short bursts of electric guitar punctuate the tracks, and those bursts keep the music from drifting off into nothingness. Understated rhythms, too, come and go, driving the tracks forward. "Northern Lights #5" percolates nicely, though, really, the track titles are just a convenience, as they segue into each other seamlessly. Sit back, relax, and let your mind wander.
          • The_Cheese's avatar
            No question about it - this is one of the truely great late-night chill out albums. 59½ minutes of pure ambient bliss as the many laid-back and funky melodies shift in and out of focus in your head.
            • Inof's avatar
              I played this during the solar eclipse years ago and it was the perfect soundtrack for the event.
              If you ever witness one: this is your music!
              Playing it now on the hottest day of the year and it still stands like it did all those years ago.
              An album never to be forgotten...
              • jdcapshew's avatar
                Edited 13 years ago
                As I write this, Sun Electric's "30.7.94" is over 13 years old and it endures as one of the majestic achievements of ambient electronica. In this listener's opinion, it's up there near the best, along with Global Communication "76:14", Deep Space Network "Earth To Infinity", Atom Heart & Tetsu Inoue "Datacide 2", Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network "I F" and Biosphere "Patashnik". Throughout this live recording, the music shimmers - nothing I have ever heard has had this peculiar quality. There are complex loops, subtle drum programming, and seemless samples that lead to several breathtaking climaxes that induce goosebumps. As many times as I have heard this record it is always a thrill. This is absolutely essential for any serious electronica fan.
                • jdcapshew's avatar
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  The two previous reviewers got everything exactly correct. It's possible that this sprawling, meandering, orchestral electronic symphony is the finest of it's kind, never to be replicated again. The delicate gossamer melodies, the ebb and flow, which at times builds to a soaring and majestic ambient anthems. Plus, I just had one of those ecstatic experiences of listening to "30.7.94 Live" while reading Jonathan Carroll's next book, "The Ghost In Love". It's the perfect soundtrack to a magical book. That does not happen often as I usually cannot read and listen at the same time. The last time the stars aligned like that was when I read JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" books while playing Gustav Holst's "The Planets" over and over. And that was 37 years ago.
                  • swk24's avatar
                    Edited 19 years ago
                    A seriously mesmerizing combination of ambient techno, warm basslines, and classic spacemusic sequencer work. The B-side goes through three distinct movements, all underpinned by the same fuzzy, cycling bassline. A kick drum breaks out partway through, but you may not even notice, so engrossing is the combination of elements at work. But the A-side is just splendid: a brooding, bubbling 21-minute piece which breaks out into a gentle shuffle reminiscent of classic Detroit techno. Wonderful music from the very first listen, and it hasn't aged a bit. Chase this one down and you won't be sorry!
                    • calipheron's avatar
                      Edited 19 years ago
                      Sun Electric have other great albums in their usual spacey, melodic style... but here they turned purely ambient, just for one album. I just cannot find the words to adequately describe how much I love this album. SE have produced - if you ask me - the finest ambient release EVER here. Wonderfully melodic trips that are nothing like as twisted as their newest works (e.g. Badorb EP), they take time to slowly develop and fall away. Um... ah... IT'S INCREDIBLE! Just do whatever you can to get a copy of 30-7-94.
                      • plaidzebra's avatar
                        This is a live recording containing three sprawling, gentle ambient tracks. At one point, "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles echoes through. Sounds like lying on your back at midnight watching the stars and clouds.

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